The Rescue: The First Encounter

After some deliberation.  The group decides to send Oira to scout the settlement that is close by.  Marcus makes him invisible for a short time and Oira flies off.  What he discovers is a small village of humans.  The group decides to send in a few people to see if they can gather any information.

The Rescue: Traveling

The group waits within the tornado for an hour as Cloud prepares new spells, just in case we are attacked again.  After the tornado dissipates, a few in the group search for some of their missing things, which are easily found.  The group then heads to coast to figure out what to do next.  There is some arguing, because of everybody’s drained Charisma, and Cloud decides to try to create an inter-dimensional mansion for everyone to stay in.  

The Rescue: A New World

The group emerges from the portal only to find themselves several hundred feet in the air.  Several of the group immediately begin to fall.  The rest have the ability to fly in one form or another.  Those who are falling are rescued by the the rest in short order.  All around them is what appears to be an endless ocean.  Quite a bit different from the barren desert wasteland we were told to expect.  

The Rescue: The Journey Begins

Marcus and Tchau are retrieved by Lyla and taken to the meeting.  Marcus does his best to ignore Lylas very existence.  Eventually they are taken to a small island off the coast of Iott that is used for Diplomatic meetings.  This island is outside the boundary of Iott, and so magic functions without the need for the Iottan rings.

The Rescue: The Interim

It is just going to be a short post this week.  One week to go until the adventure starts.  Here is a bit of what happened during Marcus’ downtime.

Between the Maddness that was the Wizard tournament and the beginning of the rescue, Marcus made his way back to Iott and returned to working at his family store there.  While he stewed over the events of the tournament, Marcus replenished his stock of wands and created another useful item for himself and Haze.

The Spell List – Revised


Ok.  So, I have set up the Spell List page like it was before, where you can choose which class spell list you want to search.  However, there is a new addition to the page, the Spell Reference.  This link takes you to a massive list of spells.  That list has a lot of detail information about each spell….except which class or level it belongs to.  Between the two sets of lists, you should be able to find out everything you need to.




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The Rescue: Beginnings (Part 3: Marcus’ Marshal Madness)

Utilizing his skills and feats, Marcus made it to the final round of the tournament.  In this final round, there were some magical shenanigans at play because there is a very small statistical probability that Marcus would have lost.  Yet that is what happened.  Actually what happened is that a spell that should have protected him from any ability damage, Sheltered Vitality, was deemed to not have been able to protect him from successive Moon Bolts.  This drove Marcus into a rage and he walked off of the field of battle.

The Rescue: Beginnings (Part 2: Marcus Unchained)

The following is the background for my character, Marcus Stormlight.

Marcus Stormlight


Marcus was one of several children born into a well-to-do merchant family.  His mother, Retalia, and father, Brormos, were silk weavers.  Their family was not what you would call ‘wealthy’, but they could afford a decent life.  Their family shop, like so many in the city, was located on the first floor of the building the family owned and lived in.  Like his siblings, as soon as he was old enough, Marcus helped out with the family business.  Whether it was taking a turn running a spindle for his mother or father, or helping sort and stack bolts of silk, Marcus cheerfully helped with the family business.

The Rescue: Beginnings (Part 1: The Background)

This story starts almost two real-time years ago.

In my gaming group, our games are broken up into “Seasons”.  This is for several reasons, the main few of which are that certain people (myself among them) can only play during certain times of the year and having the DM create a story line that spans a longer time can be challenging.  This has lead to the formation of the Spring, Fall and Winter adventure seasons.

Psionic Powers List


Psionic Powers list added




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