The Rescue: A New World

The group emerges from the portal only to find themselves several hundred feet in the air.  Several of the group immediately begin to fall.  The rest have the ability to fly in one form or another.  Those who are falling are rescued by the the rest in short order.  All around them is what appears to be an endless ocean.  Quite a bit different from the barren desert wasteland we were told to expect.  There is talk among the group and worry that, once spells wear off, some of the group will immediately fall to their deaths again.  One of the group, a dinosaur-like Pterodactyl, flies down to the water and pulls out a collapsible boat.  Those that can not fly are put in the boat and it is pushed/towed by those with flying carpets towards what thy hope is land.

The group makes landfall and immediately sets out to find a spot to camp and take care of their wounded.  Marcus watches in amusement as Vega and the others argue about setting up a defensible camp site and how they are going to build a shelter or shelters big enough for everyone.  Marcus lets the arguing go on for a while and even lets Vega begin to set up a tent, then he casually walks over to an open area, casts a spell, and a secure shelter appears.  It is big enough to comfortably house everyone, but Marcus takes Haze inside and closes the door. He eventually relents and allows others to use the shelter, but not Vega or the old Elf.  There is a well used path that one of the group follows and discovers a fishing spot.  It looks like the place is used often, but is not being used currently.  This leads the group to believe that there is at least some civilization nearby.

Some of the others try to revive the three people they rescued from the Astral plane and in doing so, are so disruptive that Marcus creates another shelter just to get away from the noise and commotion.  Night finally falls and the group goes to sleep.  Vega and the old Elf decide to keep watch outside.

During the night, the group is attacked.  The Shelters disappear as does Cloud, and everyone’s mind is assaulted.  A dozen large four legged creatures attack out of the forest.  Marcus succumbs to a mental attack and can only attack with his hands.  Haze does his best to help.  Cloud, who had been teleported a mile into the air by one of his contingency spells when the attack began, flies back down to engage the enemy.  Those still on the ground get assaulted repeatedly by mental attacks and do their best to fend off the attackers.  Marcus finally is able to regain control of himself and starts casting.  Before he can unleash his power though, Cloud summons a hurricane to surround the group.  Both defeating their enemies and giving them time to regroup and prepare the last of their defenses.

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