1GeneralAberration Banemagic~Spells deal additional damage versus aberrationsLords of Madness
2GeneralAbility FocusSpecial AttackGain +2 to DC of special attack?V3.5 Monster Manual
3GeneralAble SniperDex 13; Hide 5 ranksGain +2 to attacks against distant flat footed targets; +4 to hide checks after distant ranged attacksRaces of the Wild
4GeneralAbnormal Favored ClassAny race with a favored classChoose a different favored classHamunaptra
5GeneralAcheron FurryDex 15; Wis 15; Improved Unarmed Strike; Knowledge (the planes) 4 ranksDistract foe with mock attacksPlanar Handbook
6GeneralAcrobat~Gain +2 on Jump and TumbleV3.5 Players Handbook
7GeneralAcrobatic Strike [1]Tumble 12 ranksGain +6 on next attack on opponent you tumble pastPlayers Handbook II
8GeneralAdaptable FlankerCombat Reflexes; Vexing Flanker; BAB +4Flank chosen foe from adjacent squarePlayers Handbook II
9GeneralAdroit Flyby AttackFly speed 90; Flyby Attack; Hover OR WingoverMove before and After attackingDraconomicon
10GeneralAerial Reflexes~Gain Reflex save bonus based on maneuverabilityRaces of the Wild
11GeneralAerial Superiority~Gain +1 dodge bonus against less maneuverable targetsRaces of the Wild
12GeneralAgile~Gain +2 on Balance and Escape ArtistV3.5 Players Handbook
13GeneralAgile AthleteClimb 1 rank; Jump 1 rankUse Dex modifier for Climb and Jump checksRaces of the Wild
14GeneralAid GiverCombat Expertise; Dodge; Power AttackAs a full round action; you can aid all adjacent alliesDragon #343
15GeneralAlertness~Gain +2 on Listen and SpotV3.5 Players Handbook
16GeneralAllied Defense [1] [4]Combat ExpertiseAdjacent allies gain AC bonus from Combat FocusShining South
17GeneralAltitude AdaptationBAB +2Gain +4 on Fortitude saves to avoid altitude sickness; you aren't as susceptible to altitude sicknessFrostburn
18GeneralAnimal Affinity~Gain +2 on Handle Animal and RideV3.5 Players Handbook
19GeneralAntipsionic Magic [6]Spellcraft 5 ranksSpells against psionic creatures are more potentExpanded Psionics Handbook
20GeneralAppraise Magic ValueAppraise 5 ranks; Spellcraft 5 ranks; Knowledge (Arcana) 5 ranksUse Appraise to determine magic item propertiesComplete Adventurer
21GeneralAquatic Shot [1]Point Blank ShotUse ranged weapons under water more accuratelyStormwrack
22GeneralAquatic Spellcasting [4]~Spells work normally underwaterLords of Madness
23GeneralArcane Defense [2]Spell focus in specific schoolGain +3 bonus on saves against a specific school of magicComplete Arcane
24GeneralArcane Manipulation [4]Wizard level 1stBreak down higher level spell slots into lower level onesLost Empires of Faerun
25GeneralArcane MasteryAbility to cast arcane spells or use spell-like abilitiesTake 10 on caster level checksComplete Arcane
26GeneralArcane PreparationAbility to cast arcane spells without preparationPrepare spells ahead of time for faster metamagic castingComplete Arcane
27GeneralArcane Shorthand [4]~Reduce space used in spellbooks and time to scribeDragon #358
28GeneralArcane StrikeAbility to cast 3rd-level arcane spells; BAB +4Sacrifice a spell for +1 attack and +1d4 damage per level of the spellComplete Warrior
29GeneralArcane Thesis [2]Knowledge (arcane) 9 ranks; ability to cast arcane spellsGain +2 caster level and cheaper metamagic with one spellPlayers Handbook II
30GeneralArea AttackStr 19; Huge size; Power AttackDeal damage to all creatures in an area around youSavage Species
31GeneralArmor Familiarity [1]Armor ProficiencyBonuses to using a particular type of armorHabololy Handbook
32GeneralArmor Proficiency (heavy)Armor Proficiency (medium)No armor check penalty on attack rollsV3.5 Players Handbook
33GeneralArmor Proficiency (light)~No armor check penalty on attack rollsV3.5 Players Handbook
34GeneralArmor Proficiency (medium)Armor Proficiency (light)No armor check penalty on attack rollsV3.5 Players Handbook
35GeneralArterial StrikeSneak Attack ability; BAB +4Trade 1d6 sneak attack damage for 1 point of woundingComplete Warrior
36GeneralArtisan Craftsman [4]Craft (armor; bowyer; weapon) 4 ranksChoose from a list of benefits you can add to items craftedDragon #358
37GeneralAscetic HunterImproved Unarmed Strike; favored enemyMonk and ranger levels stack for unarmed damage; favored enemy bonus increases stunning DCComplete Adventurer
38GeneralAscetic KnightImproved Unarmed Strike; smite evilMonk and paladin levels stack for unarmed strike and smite evil damageComplete Adventurer
39GeneralAscetic MageImproved Unarmed Strike; spontaneous 2nd level arcane spellMonk and sorcerer levels stack for AC bonus; sacrifice spell to gain bonus on unarmed strikeComplete Adventurer
40GeneralAscetic RogueImproved Unarmed Strike; sneak attackMonk and rogue levels stack for sneak attack damage; unarmed strike sneak attack gains improved stunning DCComplete Adventurer
41GeneralAssemble the HordeLeadership; character level 6th; leadership score 4 higher than levelGain +1 bonus to leadership; gain lower level followers equal to the number of higher level followersDragon #346
42GeneralAssume Supernatural AbilityWis 13; must have magically assumed a new formUse one supernatural ability of another creature while in its formSavage Species
43GeneralAt Home in the DeepDarkness spell-like ability; darkvisionYou see through darkness spellsDrow of the Underdark
44GeneralAthletic~Gain +2 on Climb and SwimV3.5 Players Handbook
45GeneralAugment HealingHeal 4 ranksHealing Spells do +2 per spell levelComplete Divine
46GeneralAugment SummoningSpell Focus (Conjuration)Summoned creatures gain +4 Str and ConV3.5 Players Handbook
47GeneralAutonomous [4]~Gain +2 bonus on Autohypnosis and Knowledge (psionics)Expanded Psionics Handbook
48GeneralAwesome Blow [1]STR 25; Power Attack; Improved Bull Rush; size large or largerReduce attack by 4 to knock creatures backV3.5 Monster Manual
49GeneralAxiomatic StrikeKi strike (lawful); Stunning FistGain +2d6 unarmed damage against chaotic opponentsComplete Warrior
50GeneralBackstab [1]Combat ReflexesOnce per round; make an attack of opportunity against an opponent you flank who attack another targetDragon #340
51GeneralBallista Proficiency [1] [4]~No -4 penalty on attack rolls with BallistaHeroes of Battle
52GeneralBane Magic~Spells deal extra 2d6 damage to specific creature typeHeroes of Horror
53GeneralBattle BlessingAbility to cast Paladin spellsCast Paladin spells more quicklyComplete Champion
54GeneralBattle CastingDex 13; Combat Casting; Concentration 5 ranksGain +2 dodge bonus while casting spells defensivelyRaces of the Wild
55GeneralBattle HardenedBAB +4Gain +1 AC when two or more opponents threaten youDragon #343
56GeneralBattlefield InspirationCha 13Allies get +2 bonus on saves vs. fear effectsMiniatures Handbook
57GeneralBeckon the FrozenAugment Summoning; Spell Focus (Conjuration)Summoned Creatures gain cold subtype and +1d6 points of cold damageFrostburn
58GeneralBetrayal of the Spirit LinkedAbility to prepare and cast animate dead; required sacrificeSacrifice familiar to give it an undead templateDragon #336
59GeneralBleeding Critical [1]Power Critical; BAB +11When you score a critical hit; the target takes 2d6 bleeding damagePathfinder
60GeneralBlend Into ShadowsDarkness spell-like abilitySpend darkness use to hide in plain sightDrow of the Underdark
61GeneralBlind-Fight [1]~Reroll miss chance for concealmentV3.5 Players Handbook
62GeneralBlinding Critical [1]Power Critical; BAB +15When you score a critical hit; the target is blindedPathfinder
63GeneralBlock Arrow [1]Dex 13; Shield ProficiencyDeflect one ranged attack per roundHeroes of Battle
64GeneralBlood Calls to BloodSorcererGain +2 save bonus against attack from bloodlineHeroes of Horror
65GeneralBloodsoaked IntimidateSnatch TrophyMake Intimidate check as a swift actionChampions of Ruin
66GeneralBlowhardCon 20; Huge Size; Power AttackUse your breath to create a gust of windSavage Species
67GeneralBolster ResistanceCorpsecrafterUndead gain +4 turn resistanceLibris Mortis
68GeneralBombarding Blows [1]BAB +6; Weapon Focus; Weapon Specialization (two-handed weapon)After a successful attack; you gain a +2 to hit a target for the rest of the roundKobold Quarterly #4
69GeneralBook Smart [4]Int 15; Knowledge (any three) 6 ranks; ability to cast at least 3 arcane divination spellsYou may make untrained knowledge checks for DCs higher than 10Dragon #358
70GeneralBoost Spell ResistanceAny evil alignment; natural spell resistanceIncrease spell resistance by 2Book of Vile Darkness
71GeneralBoost Spell-Like Ability~Raise the DC of each spell-like ability by 2 three times per dayBook of Vile Darkness
72GeneralBonded FamiliarFamiliarYou and your familiar shift damage after deadly attackPlayers Handbook II
73GeneralBorn FlyerDex 13Gain +4 bonus on saves and checks to maneuver while aloft; able to take flying featsRaces of the Wild
74GeneralBounding AssaultDex 13; Dodge; Mobility; Spring Attack; BAB +12Attack twice while using your spring attackPlayers Handbook II
75GeneralBow Feint [4]Int 13; Point Blank ShotUse Bluff to Faint with a ranged attackDragon #350
76GeneralBraced for Charge [1]BAB+1Ready an action to set a pole arm against a charge and deal double damageDragon #331
77GeneralBrachiationClimb 4 ranks; Jump 4 ranksSwing through trees at normal land speedsComplete Adventurer
78GeneralBreath ControlPerform (wind instrument) 5 ranksGain +2 on Perform checks with Wind instruments; +2 saves against inhaled attacks; hold breath longerDragon #333
79GeneralBrutal Strike [1]Str 13; Power Attack; BAB +6Daze opponent with successful bludgeoning strikePlayers Handbook II
80GeneralBrutal Throw [1]~Use Str rather than Dex to attack rolls with throw weaponsComplete Adventurer
81GeneralCanny Charge [1]Dex 13; Int 13; Combat Expertise; DodgeWhen you charge; you do not suffer a penalty to ACEternal Rome
82GeneralCanny Opportunist [1] [4]Dex 13; Int 13; Combat ExpertiseYou may make an attack of opportunity when an opponent draws a weapon; readies or looses a shield; or attempts a feint.Dragon #340
83GeneralCautious AttackWis 13; DodgeGain +1AC while readying an attackDrow of the Underdark
84GeneralCelestial Summoning Specialist [4]Knowledge (the planes) 2 ranks; Knowledge (religion) 2 ranks; nonevil alignment; summon monster abilitySummon additional good-aligned creaturesPlanar Handbook
85GeneralChakram RicochetDex 13; BAB +1; proficient with chakramStrike two adjacent targets with one chakramChampions of Ruin
86GeneralChannel ChargeUse Magic Device 5 ranks; ability to cast 4th level spellsPower a charged magic item with spell slots or prepared spellsLost Empires of Faerun
87GeneralChaotic Mind [6]Chaotic alignment; Cha 15Psionic insight bonuses of foes are nullifiedExpanded Psionics Handbook
88GeneralChariot Attack [1]7 ranks in Chariot UseAvoid recovery checks when making chariot attacksEternal Rome
89GeneralChariot Fighting [1]5 ranks in Chariot Use; Dex 13No penalty to ranged attacks while on a chariot and bonus to concentrating on spellcasting while on a chariotEternal Rome
90GeneralChariot Shield [1]4 ranks in Chariot Use; Dex 13Bonuses to AC and Reflex saves while in a chariotEternal Rome
91GeneralChariot Specialization [1]9 ranks in Chariot UseAdded damage to attacks when on a moving chariotEternal Rome
92GeneralCharm ImmunityRacial bonus on saving throws against charm effects; Charm ResistanceYou are immune to all charmsSerpent Kingdoms
93GeneralCharm ResistanceRacial bonus on saving throws against charm effectsYou gain a +3 bonus on saving throws against charm effectsSerpent Kingdoms
94GeneralChoke HoldImproved Unarmed Strike; Improved Grapple; Stunning FistAfter pinning opponent; force them to make a save or be knocked outOriental Adventures
95GeneralChosen Foe~Gain +1 attack and AC against single foeDrow of the Underdark
96GeneralCityborn [4]5 years lived in city of choiceGain +4 Knowledge (Local) checks; always a class skillHabololy Handbook
97GeneralClass ChampionLeadership; character level 6th; leadership score 4 higher than levelGain +1 bonus to leadership; gain two additional followers of the same classDragon #346
98GeneralCleave [1]Power AttackExtra melee attack after dropping targetV3.5 Players Handbook
99GeneralClever OpportunistCombat ReflexesSpend immediate action to change places with foeDrow of the Underdark
100GeneralClever Wrestling [4]Small or medium sized; Improved Unarmed StrikeGain circumstance bonus to escape grapple or pinComplete Warrior
101GeneralCloak DanceHide 10 ranks; Perform (dance) 2 ranksSpend an action to gain concealmentExpanded Psionics Handbook
102GeneralClose CohortLeadership; character level 6th; leadership score 2 higher than levelCohort may be one level lower than youDragon #346
103GeneralClosed Mind [6]~Gain resistance to all psionic powerExpanded Psionics Handbook
104GeneralClose-Quarter Fighting [1]BAB +3Use counterattack to resist grappleComplete Warrior
105GeneralCollege Educated [4]Graduated from a collegeThree selected Knowledge skills are always class skills and you gain one rank in eachHabololy Handbook
106GeneralCombat Acrobat [1]Balance 9 ranks; Tumble 9 ranksGain new uses for balance skillPlayers Handbook II
107GeneralCombat Casting~Gain +4 Concentration checks for defensive castingV3.5 Players Handbook
108GeneralCombat Expertise [1] [4]Int 13Trade Attack bonus for AC (max 5)V3.5 Players Handbook
109GeneralCombat FamiliarArcane caster level 1st; FamiliarFamiliar enters foe's square without provoking attack of opportunityPlayers Handbook II
110GeneralCombat Intuition [1]Sense Motive 4 ranks; BAB +5Gain +1 to attack opponent you engaged in the previous roundComplete Adventurer
111GeneralCombat Reflexes [1]~Additional attacks of opportunityV3.5 Players Handbook
112GeneralCombat TacticianDex 13; Dodge; BAB +12Gain +2 damage against foe you approach and attackPlayers Handbook II
113GeneralCometary Collision [1]Str 13; Improved Bull Rush; Power AttackReady action to slam into charging foePlayers Handbook II
114GeneralCompanion SpellboundAnimal CompanionShare spells at a greater rangePlayers Handbook II
115GeneralConcussion AttackSneak Attack +3d6Trade 2d6 sneak attack damage to apply -2 penalty to target's Intelligence and Wisdom checksComplete Scoundrel
116GeneralConsecrate Spell-Like AbilityAny good alignmentAdd good descriptor to spell-like abilityBook of Exalted Deeds
117GeneralConstant Guardian~Take -2 penalty on attacks to gain +2 to AC for single ally within 10 feetDrow of the Underdark
118GeneralControlled RespirationTime limit on remaining out of water; EnduranceExtend the amount of time you can spend out of waterSavage Species
119GeneralCoordinated Shot [1]Point Blank Shot; Precise Shot?Your ranged attacks ignore cover from alliesHeroes of Battle
120GeneralCoordinated StrikeAnimal Companion or special mount; Handle Animal 5 ranksGain +1 bonus to attacks when animal and character attack the same targetRaces of the Wild
121GeneralCorpsecrafter~Undead gain +4 Str and +2hp per HDLibris Mortis
122GeneralCorrupt Arcane Studies [4]Sorcerer or Wizard level 3rd; non-good alignmentGain +1 bonus to DC and spell penetration; -2 WisdomGhostwalk
123GeneralCorrupt Spell Focusnongood AlignmentGain +1 to the DC of all corrupt spells you castHeroes of Horror
124GeneralCorrupt Spell-Like AbilityAny evil alignmentAdds evil descriptor to spell-like; half of any damage dealt is evilBook of Vile Darkness
125GeneralCountenance of the MageInt 13; Cha 13; arcane caster level 9Alter your appearance slightlyDragon #359
126GeneralCourageous RallyBardic music (inspire courage)Make free rally check when you inspire courageHeroes of Battle
127GeneralCover Your TracksTrackAdd +5 to DC to follow your track; add +2 Hide checksShining South
128GeneralCravenSneak attack class feature; cannot be immune to fearDeal extra damage equal to your level on sneak attacks; -2 on saves vs. fear effectsChampions of Ruin
129GeneralCritical Mastery [1]Any two feats that have Power Critical feat as a prerequisite; 14th level fighterApply two effects to your critical hitsPathfinder
130GeneralCrossbow Sniper [1]Proficiency and Weapon Focus in specific crossbow type; BAB +1Add half Dexterity modifier to damage; extend sneak attack range to 60 feetPlayers Handbook II
131GeneralCrushHuge SizeCrush opponents with your massive bodySavage Species
132GeneralCumbrous DodgeDodge; Tumble 4 ranksGain +2 AC for a period of time before becoming fatiguedSavage Species
133GeneralCumbrous FortitudeGreat FortitudeGain +6 Fortitude for a period of time before becoming fatiguedSavage Species
134GeneralCumbrous ReflexesLightning ReflexesGain +6 Reflex for a period of time before becoming fatiguedSavage Species
135GeneralCumbrous WillIron WillGain +6 Willpower for a period of time before becoming fatiguedSavage Species
136GeneralCunning EvasionEvasion; hide 9 ranksHide and move immediately after using evasionPlayers Handbook II
137GeneralCunning Sidestep [4]Improved Unarmed Strike; Clever Wrestling; size small or mediumAvoid a bull rush or trip attack more easilyDraconomicon
138GeneralCurling Wave Strike [1]Dex 13; Improved TripGain a trip attack against additional targetsStormwrack
139GeneralCustomize Domain [4]At least one domain; ability to cast 3rd-level divine spellsPermanently exchange one domain spellDragon #325
140GeneralCutpurseImproved Unarmed Strike; Sleight of Hand 5 ranksUse sleight of hand in combat without provoking an attack of opportunityDragon #322
141GeneralDampen Spell [4]Improved CounterspellUse immediate action to reduce the DC of spellPlayers Handbook II
142GeneralDanger SenseImproved InitiativeReroll initiative once per dayComplete Adventurer
143GeneralDarkness AdaptationRaised in an Arctic EnvironmentSee twice as far in poor illumination; three times as far with low-light visionDragon #333
144GeneralDarkstalker~Hide from Creatures with extraordinary senseLords of Madness
145GeneralDash~Speed increases by 5 feetMiniatures Handbook
146GeneralDaunting PresenceCha 13; BAB +1Overawe enemy to make it shakenLibris Mortis
147GeneralDazzling FireFaerie fire spell-like abilityFaerie fire dazzles subjectDrow of the Underdark
148GeneralDeadeye Shot [1]Point Blank Shot; Precise Shot; BAB +4; Sneak AttackReady action to fire and deny opponent that has just been attacking by ally Dex bonusPlayers Handbook II
149GeneralDeadly ChillCorpsecrafterUndead deal +1d6 damage on melee attackLibris Mortis
150GeneralDeadly ConcussionStr 13; Perform (percussion) 5 ranks; Improved Sunder; Power AttackDeal sonic damage when sundering with a blunt weaponDragon #333
151GeneralDeadly Defense~Gain +1d6 damage when fighting with light weapons defensivelyComplete Scoundrel
152GeneralDeadly PrecisionDex 15; BAB +5Reroll 1s on sneak attack diceExpanded Psionics Handbook
153GeneralDeafening Critical [1]Power Critical; BAB +13When you score a critical hit; the target is deafenedPathfinder
154GeneralDeafening StrikeSneak Attack +4d6Trade 3d6 sneak attack damage to deafen target for 3 roundsComplete Scoundrel
155GeneralDeath BlowImproved Initiative; BAB +2Coup de grace as a standard actionComplete Adventurer
156GeneralDeath's Door WarriorDeath; Diehard; 5 ranks ConcentrationFight while at lower than -10 hp; once per round take ten on attack or saving throw when fighting in negative hpKobold Quarterly #10
157GeneralDeceitful [4]~Gain +2 on Disguise and ForgeryV3.5 Players Handbook
158GeneralDeceitful AppearancesSleight of Hand 5 ranks; BAB +3Gain +2 to initiative when weapon is hiddenDragon #333
159GeneralDeceptive IlluminationDancing Lights spell-like abilityUse silent image as a spell-like abilityDrow of the Underdark
160GeneralDedicated NuisanceInt 13; Combat Expertise; BAB +4After succeeding in a touch attack; creature is considered flanked by all opponentsDragon #343
161GeneralDeep PoisoningPoison Use; sneak attack abilityReduce damage of sneak attack to increase the DC of poisonDragon #322
162GeneralDefensive ArcheryPoint Blank ShotGain +4 Dodge bonus against attacks of opportunityRaces of the Wild
163GeneralDefensive Opportunist [1] [4]Tumble 5 ranks; Int 13; Combat ExpertiseThe penalty to attack rolls while fighting defensively does not apply to your attack of opportunityDragon #340
164GeneralDefensive Strike [1] [4]Dex 13; Int 13; Combat Expertise; DodgeGain +4 bonus on attack roll after successful total defenseComplete Warrior
165GeneralDefensive Sweep [1]BAB +15Foe must move or provoke an attack of opportunityPlayers Handbook II
166GeneralDefensive ThrowDex 13; Combat Reflexes; Dodge; Improved Trip; Improved Unarmed StrikeTrip attempt after foe's attack missesComplete Warrior
167GeneralDeflect Arrows [1]Dex 13; Improved Unarmed StrikeDeflect one ranged attack per roundV3.5 Players Handbook
168GeneralDeft OpportunistDex 15; Combat ReflexesGain +4 to hit on attacks of opportunityComplete Adventurer
169GeneralDeft Strike [4]Int 13; Combat Expertise; Spot 10 ranks; sneak attack +1d6Successful Spot check allows you to ignore target's armor bonuses on next attackComplete Adventurer
170GeneralDemon Mastery~Gain +2 bonus on Charisma checks when using planar binding; summoning spells used to summon demons cast at +1 levelHordes of the Abyss
171GeneralDestructive RageRage or frenzy abilityGain +8 bonus on strength checks to break objectsComplete Warrior
172GeneralDestructive RetributionCorpsecrafterUndead deal negative energy damage when killedLibris Mortis
173GeneralDevoted InquisitorSmite Evil; Sneak AttackUse smite evil and sneak attack together to daze a foeComplete Adventurer
174GeneralDevoted PerformerBardic music; Smite EvilPaladin and Bard levels stack for smite evil and bardic musicComplete Adventurer
175GeneralDevoted TrackerTrack; Smite Evil; Wild EmpathySpecial mount becomes animal companion; and paladin and ranger levels stack for smite evil and wild empathyComplete Adventurer
176GeneralDiehardEnduranceRemain conscious at -1 to -9V3.5 Players Handbook
177GeneralDilate AuraAura AbilityOnce per encounter double the range of your auraFiendish Codex II
178GeneralDirty RatTumble 4 ranksGain an additional +1 on flank attacksChampions of Ruin
179GeneralDisease ImmunityConstitution 13Immune to one disease; +2 bonus to saves against all othersHeroes of Horror
180GeneralDisemboweling StrikeSneak Attack +5d6; Weapon Focus (any slashing)Trade 4d6 sneak attack damage to deal 1d4 Constitution damageComplete Scoundrel
181GeneralDistracting AttackBAB +1Your attack gives others +1 to hit against same targetMiniatures Handbook
182GeneralDive for CoverBase Reflex save +4Reroll failed reflex save but become proneComplete Adventurer
183GeneralDivine DenialKnowledge (Religion) 9 ranks; Iron WillGain +2 saves against divine spellsExemplars of Evil
184GeneralDiving Charge~Gain extra damage when diving to attack while chargingRaces of the Wild
185GeneralDodge [1]Dex 13Gain +1 dodge bonus to AC against one opponentV3.5 Players Handbook
186GeneralDorje MasteryManifester level 9thGain 4 power points to augment dorje's effectsComplete Psion
187GeneralDomain FocusAccess to relevant domainGain +1 caster levels for one domainComplete Divine
188GeneralDouble HitCombat Reflexes; Improved Two-Weapon Fighting; Two-Weapon FightingGain off-hand attack when making an attack of opportunityMiniatures Handbook
189GeneralDouble Wand WielderCraft Wand; Two-Weapon FightingActivate second wand by expending 2 additional chargesComplete Arcane
190GeneralDual DorjeCraft Dorje; Two Weapon FightingFight with two dorjes at the same timeComplete Psion
191GeneralDual Strike [1]Improved Two-Weapon Fighting; Two-Weapon FightingAttack once with each hand as a standard actionComplete Adventurer
192GeneralDutiful GuardianConstant GuardianExchange places with attacked allyDrow of the Underdark
193GeneralEagle Claw AttackWis 13; Improved Sunder; Improved Unarmed StrikeAdd Wisdom modifier to damage against objectsComplete Warrior
194GeneralEars of the MageInt 13; arcane caster level 14Hear specific name within ten milesDragon #359
195GeneralEarth AdeptEarth SenseGain +1 bonus to damage rolls if you and your opponent are touching the groundRaces of Stone
196GeneralEarth Fist [1]Earth Sense; Improved Unarmed StrikeUnarmed attacks treated as cold iron while you touch solid groundRaces of Stone
197GeneralEarth MasterEarth Adept; Earth SenseGain +1 bonus to attack rolls if you and your opponent are touching the groundRaces of Stone
198GeneralEarth SenseCon 13; Wis 13Sense creatures within 20 feet that are touching the groundRaces of Stone
199GeneralEarth SpellEarth Sense; Heighten SpellHeightened spell treated as higher level and higher caster levelRaces of Stone
200GeneralEarth's EmbraceStr 15; Improved Grapple or improved grab; Improved Unarmed StrikeExtra damage while pinning an opponentComplete Warrior
201GeneralEfficient HunterSurvival 1 rank; raised in plainsGain +2 bonus on survive checks; provide food for more peopleDragon #333
202GeneralEfficient PullPoint Blank ShotTreat your strength as +2 for composite bowsDragon #350
203GeneralEldritch ErosionSneak Attack +4d6; Knowledge (arcana) 1 rankTrade 3d6 sneak attack to reduce SR/PR by 5Complete Scoundrel
204GeneralElemental SpellcasterKnowledge (the planes) 2 ranksCast spells of chosen descriptor at +1Planar Handbook
205GeneralElusive DancePerform (Dance) 5 ranksOpponent cannot make attacks of opportunity against youDragon #333
206GeneralEmbody EnergyEnergy Substitution; Spell Focus (conjuration)Wreathe your body with damaging energyExemplars of Evil
207GeneralEmpower Spell-like AbilitySpell-like ability at 6th level or higherUse spell-like ability empowered three times per dayV3.5 Monster Manual
208GeneralEndurance~Gain +4 on checks and saves against non lethal damageV3.5 Players Handbook
209GeneralEnduring Life~Ignore penalties from negative levelsLibris Mortis
210GeneralEvasive ManeuversCaster level 11th; evasion; Cunning Evasion; Spell Focus (Illusion); ability to cast invisibilityWhen using evasion; you can cast invisibility as an immediate actionExemplars of Evil
211GeneralEvasive ReflexesDex 13Instantly take 5-foot step instead of attack of opportunityTome of Battle
212GeneralExcised from the Web of LifeAbility to prepare and cast blight; required sacrificeDo extra damage with spells to animal; plant; and fey; but receive a charisma penalty against those creaturesDragon #336
213GeneralExhausting Critical [1]Tiring Critical; BAB +15When you score a critical hit; the target is exhaustedPathfinder
214GeneralExotic Weapon Proficiency [1] [2] [4]BAB +1No penalty on attacks with specific exotic weaponV3.5 Players Handbook
215GeneralExpanded Aura of CourageAura of Courage class featureYour aura of courage expands 60 feetHeroes of Battle
216GeneralExpeditious DodgeDex 13Gain +2 dodge bonus when you move 40 feet in a roundRaces of the Wild
217GeneralExpert Siege Engineer [1] [4]Profession (siege engineer) 8 ranksGain +2 bonus on attack rolls and damage with siege enginesHeroes of Battle
218GeneralExpert SwimmerSwim 4 ranks; EnduranceHold breath longer; swim fasterStormwrack
219GeneralExpert TacticianDex 13; Combat Reflexes; BAB +2All allies gain a +2 to hit and damage against an opponent you hit with an attack of opportunity for the next roundComplete Adventurer
220GeneralExpert TumblerTumble 5 ranksTumble at normal speed without penaltyDragon #322
221GeneralExploit Adjustment [1] [4]Canny Opportunist; Int 13; Combat ExpertiseYou may make an attack of opportunity whenever an opponent moves from one threaten square to another.Dragon #340
222GeneralExtend Rage [3]Rage or frenzy abilityRage lasts +5 roundsComplete Warrior
223GeneralExtra Domain SpellWis 15; Access to a domain spellCast one of your domain spells an extra timeMiniatures Handbook
224GeneralExtra Favored EnemyBAB +5; favored enemyGain an additional favored enemyGhostwalk
225GeneralExtra FollowersCha 13; LeadershipLead twice as many followersHeroes of Battle
226GeneralExtra Rage [3]Rage or frenzy abilityNumber of rages per day increases by twoComplete Warrior
227GeneralExtra Slot [3]Spellcaster level 4thGain an additional spell slot of a level at least one below your current maximum levelGhostwalk
228GeneralExtra Smiting [3]Smite ability; BAB +4Number of smites attempts per day increases by twoComplete Warrior
229GeneralExtra Spell [3]Caster level 3rdLearn an additional spell up to one level lower than your current highest level spellComplete Arcane
230GeneralExtra Stunning [3]Stunning Fist; BAB +2Number of stunning attack per day increases by threeComplete Warrior
231GeneralExtra Turning [3]Ability to turn or rebuke undeadCan turn or rebuke 4 more times per dayV3.5 Players Handbook
232GeneralExtract Demonic EssenceAny two item creation feats; Demon MasterySiphon a demon's life force to half xp when creating itemsHordes of the Abyss
233GeneralExtraordinary ConcentrationConcentration 15 ranksConcentrate on a spell as a move or swift actionComplete Adventurer
234GeneralExtraordinary Spell Aim [4]Spellcraft 15 ranksExclude one creature from spell areaComplete Adventurer
235GeneralExtraordinary TrapsmithCraft (Trapmaking) 9 ranksReduce cost of making trap by 25%; 50% if KoboldRaces of the Dragon
236GeneralEye for TalentSense Motive 9 ranks; Leadership; character level 6th; leadership score 2 higher than levelGain a +1 bonus to a leadership score; only takes 1d4 weeks to replace or attain followersDragon #346
237GeneralEyes in the Back of Your HeadWis 13; BAB +1Opponents do not gain flanking benefitComplete Warrior
238GeneralEyes of the MageInt 13; arcane caster level 12Gain low-light and darkvision; +1 to Search and SpotDragon #359
239GeneralFade Into DarknessDarkness spell-like abilityUse darkness to gain +5 bonus to hide checksDrow of the Underdark
240GeneralFalling Star StrikeImproved Unarmed Strike; BAB +4; Stunning Fist; Wis 13Blind opponent with strikeOriental Adventures
241GeneralFamiliar ConcentrationImproved Familiar; caster level 9thFamiliar can control a spell for its masterLost Empires of Faerun
242GeneralFanatical DevotionLeadership; character level 6th; leadership score 3 higher than levelGain a +1 bonus to a leadership score; ignore penalty for causing a follower's deathDragon #346
243GeneralFar Shot [1]Point Blank ShotIncrease range increment by 50 or 100%V3.5 Players Handbook
244GeneralFascinating IlluminationDancing Lights spell-like abilityUse hypnotic pattern as a spell-like abilityDrow of the Underdark
245GeneralFaster HealingBase Fortitude save +5Heal hit points and ability damage faster than normalComplete Warrior
246GeneralFavored DodgeDodge; favored enemyAdd favored enemy bonus to dodge armor classDragon #335
247GeneralFavored Power AttackFavored enemy ability; Power Attack; BAB +4Trade attack bonus for damage at greater rate against favored enemiesComplete Warrior
248GeneralFeral Animal CompanionAnimal Companion; evilGain animal companion with +2 Str; +2 Con; and diseased biteChampions of Ruin
249GeneralFiendish Summoning Specialist [4]Knowledge (the planes) 2 ranks; Knowledge (religion) 2 ranks; nongood alignment; summon monster abilitySummon additional evil-aligned creaturesPlanar Handbook
250GeneralFists of IronImproved Unarmed Strike; Stunning Fist; BAB +2Gain +1d6 damage on unarmed attacksComplete Warrior
251GeneralFlay [1]Str 13; Power AttackInflict painful wounds on unarmored opponentsPlayers Handbook II
252GeneralFlay Foe [1]Str 15; BAB +6; Proficient with melee slashing weaponSubsequent attacks deal +1d6 points of damageChampions of Ruin
253GeneralFlick of the WristDex 17; Sleight of Hand 5 ranks; Quick DrawCause opponent to be flat footed for one attackComplete Warrior
254GeneralFling AllyRock HurlingThrow a friend into another squareRaces of Stone
255GeneralFling EnemyStr 23; Huge size; improved grabGrapple and throw small enemiesSavage Species
256GeneralFling EnemyRock HurlingGrapple and throw small enemiesRaces of Stone
257GeneralFlyby AttackFly speedTake move action and standard action at any pointV3.5 Monster Manual
258GeneralFlying Fish LeapJump 8 ranks; Swim 4 ranksLeap out of water without penaltyStormwrack
259GeneralFlying KickStr 13; Jump 4 ranks; Improved Unarmed Strike; Power AttackGain +1d12 damage on unarmed attacks when chargingComplete Warrior
260GeneralFoe SpecialistBAB +4; sneak attack +1d6Gain +1d6 sneak attack damage against specific foe typeMiniatures Handbook
261GeneralFont of LifeLiving CreatureGain an extra save to avoid energy drainHeroes of Horror
262GeneralFootsteps of the MageInt 13; arcane caster level 12Feet don't actually touch the ground; +2 Balance and +4 Reflex to avoid fallingDragon #359
263GeneralForce of PersonalityCha 13Add Cha modifier instead of Wis to Willpower savesComplete Adventurer
264GeneralForce of Will [6]Iron WillMake a Willpower save instead of a Reflex or Fortitude save against psionic powersExpanded Psionics Handbook
265GeneralForceful Staff Style [1]Improved Unarmed Strike; Weapon Focus (staff)Make stunning attacks and bull rush with your staffGhostwalk
266GeneralFreezing the Lifeblood [1]Wis 17; Improved Unarmed Strike; Stunning Fist; BAB +10Paralyze opponent with unarmed strikeComplete Warrior
267GeneralFrightful PresenceCha 15; Intimidate 9 ranksGain frightful presence abilityDraconomicon
268GeneralFury of StoneAbility to rage; raised undergroundWhile underground; rage lasts twice as long; above ground half as longDragon #333
269GeneralGape of the SerpentSwallow WholeSwallow a creature up to your sizeSavage Species
270GeneralGenerous SacrificeEvil; Con 15+Donate negative levels to a willing targetExemplars of Evil
271GeneralGhost Scarred [4]Knowledge (religion) 8 ranksGain +2 on attacks; damage; and saves against incorporeal undeadLibris Mortis
272GeneralGoad [1]Cha 13; BAB +1Goad enemy to make melee attacks against youComplete Adventurer
273GeneralGraft FleshHeal 10 ranksYou can apply grafts of a certain typeLibris Mortis
274GeneralGrappling BlockImproved Unarmed Strike; Deflect Arrows; Int 13; Expertise; Improved Disarm; Combat ReflexesDisarm opponent when he hits youOriental Adventures
275GeneralGreat Cleave [1]Cleave; Power Attack; BAB +4No limit to cleave attack each roundV3.5 Players Handbook
276GeneralGreat Flyby Attack [1]Fly Speed; Flyby Attack?Attack multiple creatures while flying in a straight lineSavage Species
277GeneralGreat Fortitude~Gain +2 to Fortitude savesV3.5 Players Handbook
278GeneralGreater Corrupt Spell Focus [4]Corrupt Spell FocusGain +2 bonus on save DCs for all Corrupt spell you castHeroes of Horror
279GeneralGreater Heavy Armor Optimization [1]Armor Proficiency (heavy); BAB +8; Heavy Armor OptimizationReduce armor check penalty by 2 and increase armor class bonus by 1Races of Stone
280GeneralGreater Kai ShoutCha 13; Kai Shout; BAB +9Foes who hear your shout may panicComplete Warrior
281GeneralGreater Manyshot [1]Dex 17; Manyshot; Point Blank Shot; Rapid Shot; BAB +6Shoot 2 or more arrows simultaneously at separate targetsExpanded Psionics Handbook
282GeneralGreater Powerful ChargeMedium or Larger; BAB +4; Powerful ChargeAdditional extra damage when you chargeMiniatures Handbook
283GeneralGreater ResiliencyDamage Reduction abilityIncrease damage reduction by 1Complete Warrior
284GeneralGreater Spell Focus [2] [4]Spell FocusGain +1 bonus on save DCs against specific school of magicV3.5 Players Handbook
285GeneralGreater Spell PenetrationSpell PenetrationGain +4 bonus on caster level to defeat spell resistanceV3.5 Players Handbook
286GeneralGreater Two-Weapon Defense [1]Dex 19; Improved Two-Weapon Fighting; Two-Weapon Fighting; BAB +11; Two-Weapon DefenseGain shield bonus when fighting with two weaponsComplete Warrior
287GeneralGreater Two-Weapon Fighting [1]Dex 19; Improved Two-Weapon Fighting; Two-Weapon Fighting; BAB +11Gain third off hand attackV3.5 Players Handbook
288GeneralGreater Weapon Focus [1] [2]Proficiency with weapon; Weapon Focus with weapon; fighter level 8thGain +2 bonus on attack rolls with selected weaponV3.5 Players Handbook
289GeneralGreater Weapon Specialization [1] [2]Proficiency with weapon; Weapon Focus with weapon; Greater Weapon Focus with weapon; Weapon Specialization with weapon; fighter level 12thGain +2 bonus on damage rolls with selected weaponV3.5 Players Handbook
290GeneralGrenadier [1]~Gain +1 on attacks and damage with splash weaponsPlayers Handbook II
291GeneralGruesome FinishBAB +6Give up remaining attacks to make a disabled foe die insteadExemplars of Evil
292GeneralGuerilla Scout~Gain +1 bonus on Initiative; Listen and Spot cost 1 rankHeroes of Battle
293GeneralGuerilla Trapsmith~Gain +2 to Craft (trapmaking); DC of your traps increase by 2; able to create booby trap Cr 1/2 in 5 roundsDragon #342
294GeneralGuerrilla Warrior~Reduce light and medium armor check penalty by one; hide and Move Silently cost one rankHeroes of Battle
295GeneralHaft Strike [1]Two-Weapon FightingUse pole arm as double weaponDragon #331
296GeneralHamstringSneak Attack ability; BAB +4Trade 2d6 sneak attack damage to cut opponent's speed in halfComplete Warrior
297GeneralHands of the Mage [2]Int 13; arcane caster level 14Designate one item which you can summon and moveDragon #359
298GeneralHardened FleshCorpsecrafterUndead gain +2 natural armorLibris Mortis
299GeneralHead ShotSneak Attack +6d6; Weapon Focus (any bludgeoning)Trade 5d6 sneak attack damage to confuse target for 1 roundComplete Scoundrel
300GeneralHear the UnseenBlind-Fight; Listen 5 ranksPinpoint a targets location by sound not sightComplete Adventurer
301GeneralHeat EnduranceBase Fortitude save +2Gain +2 on saves against fire; heat protection 1Sandstorm
302GeneralHeat Tolerance~Gain +10 bonus to Fortitude saves against high temperaturesShining South
303GeneralHeavy Armor Optimization [1]Armor Proficiency (heavy); BAB +4Reduce armor check penalty by 1 and increase armor class bonus by 1Races of Stone
304GeneralHeavyweight WingsStr 15; Reinforced Wings; wings and a glide or fly speedFly with heavy armor or a heavy loadRaces of the Dragon
305GeneralHeighten Spell-like abilitySpell-like ability at caster level 6th or higherUse spell-like ability at higher level up to 3/dayComplete Arcane
306GeneralHindering OpportunistCombat Reflexes; BAB +3Replace attack of opportunity with aid anotherPlayers Handbook II
307GeneralHold the LineCombat Reflexes; BAB +2Make attack of opportunity against charging foeComplete Warrior
308GeneralHoly MountAbility to gain a paladin special mount; ability to cast divine spellsCombine class levels for purposes of determining your holy mounts abilitiesDragon #325
309GeneralHostile Mind [6]Cha 15Automatically deal damage to telepathic foesExpanded Psionics Handbook
310GeneralHostile Mind; Improved [6]Cha 15; Hostile MindDeal 4d6 damage to telepathic aggressorsComplete Psion
311GeneralHoverFly speedHalt movement and fly in different direction; fly in one place; large or larger creature can create wind stormV3.5 Monster Manual
312GeneralHurling ChargeQuick Draw; BAB +6Throw a weapon as part of a chargeMiniatures Handbook
313GeneralHymnistAbility to cast divine spellsPerform always a class skill; add Wis modifier to your perform checksDragon #325
314GeneralHypnotic Focus~Autohypnosis is always a class skill and you gain a +2 bonus to itDragon #349
315GeneralImagelessDeathCannot be scryed; immune to NightmareKobold Quarterly #10
316GeneralImpeding AttackSneak Attack +4d6Trade 3d6 sneak attack damage to apply -2 penalty to opponent's Strength and Dexterity checksComplete Scoundrel
317GeneralImperious CommandCha 15; Intimidate 8 ranksDemoralized opponent cowers for 1 round then shaken for 1 roundDrow of the Underdark
318GeneralImproved Assume Supernatural AbilityWis 17; Assume Supernatural Ability; must have magically assumed a new formNo longer take penalties to use the supernatural ability of a creature whose form you've takenSavage Species
319GeneralImproved Buckler Defense [1]Shield ProficiencyApply Buckler's shield bonus to AC while using off-hand weaponComplete Warrior
320GeneralImproved Bull Rush [1]Power AttackGain +4 bonus on bull rush attacks; no attack of opportunityV3.5 Players Handbook
321GeneralImproved Combat Expertise [1] [4]Int 13; Combat Expertise; BAB +6Reduce your attack bonus to increase your ACComplete Warrior
322GeneralImproved Counterspell~Counterspell with spell of same schoolV3.5 Players Handbook
323GeneralImproved Critical [1] [2]Proficiency with weapon; BAB +8Double threat range of weaponV3.5 Players Handbook
324GeneralImproved Disarm [1] [4]Combat ExpertiseGain +4 disarm; no attack of opportunityV3.5 Players Handbook
325GeneralImproved FamiliarvariesAdditional familiars to select from.varies
326GeneralImproved Favored EnemyFavored Enemy ability; BAB +5Gain +3 bonus to damage against favored enemiesComplete Warrior
327GeneralImproved Feint [1] [4]Combat ExpertiseFeint as move actionV3.5 Players Handbook
328GeneralImproved FlightAbility to FlyManeuverability improves one stepComplete Adventurer
329GeneralImproved Flyby Attack [1]Fly speed; Flyby Attack; Dodge; MobilityTake a move and partial action while flying and attackingSavage Species
330GeneralImproved Grapple [1]Dex 13; Improved Unarmed StrikeGain +4 to grapple checks; no attack of opportunityV3.5 Players Handbook
331GeneralImproved Heat EnduranceBase Fortitude save +6; Heat EnduranceFire Resistance 5; heat protection 5Sandstorm
332GeneralImproved Initiative [1]~Gain +4 to InitiativeV3.5 Players Handbook
333GeneralImproved ManeuverabilityFly speed 150; Hover OR WingoverManeuverability improves one stepDraconomicon
334GeneralImproved Mounted Archery [1]Ride 1 rank; Mounted Archery; Mounted CombatReduce or eliminate attack penalties with ranged weapon while mountedComplete Warrior
335GeneralImproved Natural Armor [3]Natural Armor; Con 13Increase natural armor bonus by 1V3.5 Monster Manual
336GeneralImproved Natural Attack [2]Natural Weapon; BAB +4Increase damage of natural attack?V3.5 Monster Manual
337GeneralImproved Overrun [1]Power AttackGain +4 bonus on overrun attempts; no attack of opportunityV3.5 Players Handbook
338GeneralImproved Precise Shot [1]Dex 19; Point Blank Shot; Precise Shot; BAB +11Ignore less than total cover/concealment on ranged attacksV3.5 Players Handbook
339GeneralImproved Rapid Shot [1]Manyshot; Point Blank Shot; Rapid ShotIgnore -2 penalty with Rapid ShotComplete Warrior
340GeneralImproved Rock HurlingStr 23; size Large or bigger; Rock HurlingThrow rocks farther and more accuratelyRaces of Stone
341GeneralImproved ScentScent abilityDetect enemies by scentSavage Species
342GeneralImproved Shield Bash [1]Shield ProficiencyRetain shield bonus to AC when using shield bashV3.5 Players Handbook
343GeneralImproved Shieldmate [1]BAB +4; ShieldmateBonus from shieldmate increases by 1Miniatures Handbook
344GeneralImproved SmitingCha 13; Smite abilityYour smite gains an alignment for overcoming DR and does +1d6 damageComplete Divine
345GeneralImproved Sunder [1]Power AttackGain +4 bonus on sunder attempts; no attack of opportunityV3.5 Players Handbook
346GeneralImproved SwimmingSwim 6 ranksDouble your swimming speedComplete Adventurer
347GeneralImproved Toughness [1]Base Fortitude Save bonus +2; ToughnessGain hit points equal to your current level/Hit dieComplete Warrior
348GeneralImproved Trip [1] [4]Combat ExpertiseGain +4 trip no attack of opportunityV3.5 Players Handbook
349GeneralImproved Turn ResistanceUndeadYou gain +2 turn resistanceGhostwalk
350GeneralImproved TurningAbility to turn or rebuke undeadGain +1 level for turning checksV3.5 Players Handbook
351GeneralImproved Two-Weapon Defense [1]Dex 17; two-Weapon Defense; Two-Weapon Fighting; BAB +6Gain shield bonus when fighting with two weaponsComplete Warrior
352GeneralImproved Two-Weapon Fighting [1]Dex 17; Two-Weapon Fighting; BAB +6Gain second off hand attackV3.5 Players Handbook
353GeneralImproved Unarmed Strike [1]~Considered armed even when notV3.5 Players Handbook
354GeneralImproved Whirlwind AttackDex 13; Int 13; Combat Expertise; Dodge; Mobility; Spring Attack; Whirlwind Attack; BAB +4You may make all of your additional base attacks when making a whirlwind attackDragon #343
355GeneralIndomitable SoulEndurance; Iron WillRoll twice against fear and mind-effecting attacksPlayers Handbook II
356GeneralInsightful Reflexes~Add Int modifier instead of Dex to Reflex savesComplete Adventurer
357GeneralInstantaneous RageRage or frenzy abilityRage even when it isn't your turnComplete Warrior
358GeneralInstinctive DarknessDarkness spell-like abilityUse darkness as an immediate action; no attack of opportunityDrow of the Underdark
359GeneralIntensify DarknessDarkness spell-like abilityUse darkness to cast deeper darknessDrow of the Underdark
360GeneralInterrupted CastingConcentration 8 ranks; Caster level 3rdMake a Concentration check to maintain a spell which requires multiple rounds to cast while interruptedThieves' World
361GeneralIntimidate the EnemyIntimidate 3 ranks; favored enemyAdd favored enemy bonus to Intimidate skill checksComplete Warrior
362GeneralIntimidating Prowess [1]~Add Str to Intimidate checks as well as ChaPathfinder
363GeneralIntimidating RageRage or frenzy abilityCause single foe within 30 feet to become shakenComplete Warrior
364GeneralIntimidating StrikeIntimidate 4 ranksUse intimidate check with attack to shake foePlayers Handbook II
365GeneralInured to EnergyResistance to energyIncrease an energy resistance by 10Savage Species
366GeneralInvestigator [4]~Gain +2 on Gather Information and SearchV3.5 Players Handbook
367GeneralInvoluntary RageCon 20; ToughnessIf you take 50 points of damage and fail a save; you go into a rageSavage Species
368GeneralIron Will~Gain +2 on Willpower savesV3.5 Players Handbook
369GeneralIrrepressible VitalityDeathUse Cha instead of Con when gaining hpKobold Quarterly #10
370GeneralJack of All Trades [4]8th levelUse any skill untrainedComplete Adventurer
371GeneralKai ShoutCha 13; BAB +1Affected opponents become shaken for 1d6 roundsComplete Warrior
372GeneralKarmic StrikeDex 13; Combat Expertise; DodgeTake -4 penalty to AC to make attack of opportunity against melee opponent that hits youComplete Warrior
373GeneralKeen-eared ScoutListen 6 ranks; Alertness OR Skill Focus (listen)Listen check reveals extra information about soundPlayers Handbook II
374GeneralKnockback [1]Improved Bull Rush; Power Attack; size Large or biggerPush foes backwards with your blowsRaces of Stone
375GeneralLacerate [4]Str 13; Int 13; Combat Expertise; Improved Disarm; Painful Strike; Power Attack; Sneak Attack +4d6Reduce Sneak Attack by three dice to attempt to render target's hand useless for one minuteDragon #344
376GeneralLarge and in ChargeNatural reach 10 feet or longer; size Large or biggerPush back foe attempting to closeDraconomicon
377GeneralLasting LifeEndurance; Enduring LifePurge negative levels with Willpower savesLibris Mortis
378GeneralLeadership6th levelAttract cohorts and followersV3.5 Players Handbook
379GeneralLeap AttackPower Attack; Jump 8 ranksDoubles damage by power attack on successful chargeComplete Adventurer
380GeneralLightning Reflexes~Gain +2 on Reflex savesV3.5 Players Handbook
381GeneralLiving ClubLarge size or bigger; STR 25+Use a smaller living creature as a clubKobold Quarterly #10
382GeneralLiving RockLarge size or bigger; STR 25+Grapple and then use smaller creature as a thrown weaponKobold Quarterly #10
383GeneralLong Strike [1]BAB+2As a full-attack action; you can make one attack with a pole arm as if it had reach; allowing you to strike an opponent 10 feet away. If the pole arm already grants reach; treat its reach as if it extended 5 feet further.Dragon #331
384GeneralLunging Strike [1]BAB +6Extend reach for one attackPlayers Handbook II
385GeneralLurking FamiliarArcane caster level 6th; Combat FamiliarFamiliar can hide in your squarePlayers Handbook II
386GeneralMagical Aptitude [4]~Gain +2 on Spellcraft and Use Magic DeviceV3.5 Players Handbook
387GeneralMaiming StrikeEvil; Sneak Attack +2d6Sacrifice 2d6 sneak attack damage to deal 1 charisma point damageExemplars of Evil
388GeneralMalign Spell FocusAny evil alignmentGain +2 DC to spells cast with an evil spell descriptorBook of Vile Darkness
389GeneralManyshot [1]Dex 17; Point Blank Shot; Rapid Shot; BAB +6Shoot 2 or more arrows simultaneouslyV3.5 Players Handbook
390GeneralMartial ThrowDex 17; Improved Unarmed StrikeSpecial grapple to switch places with enemyMiniatures Handbook
391GeneralMartial Weapon Proficiency [2] [4]~No penalty on attacks with specific martial weaponV3.5 Players Handbook
392GeneralMaster of Knowledge [4]~Gain +1 bonus on all Knowledge skill checksHeroes of Horror
393GeneralMaster of MockeryPerform (comedy) 8 ranksEnrage opponentsDragon #333
394GeneralMaster BowyerCraft (Bowyer) 6 ranksCraft masterwork bows and arrows at half cost and half timeDragon #350
395GeneralMaster Researcher [4]Spellcraft 5 ranksYou gain a +2 bonus to all Spellcraft rolls when researching new spells and reduce the cost by 20%Rokugan
396GeneralMaximize Spell-like abilitySpell-like ability at caster level 6th or higherMaximize spell-like ability's variable effects up to 3/dayComplete Arcane
397GeneralMelee Evasion [4] [1]Dex 13; Int 13; Combat Expertise; DodgeWhile fighting defensively; negate foe's attackPlayers Handbook II
398GeneralMental Resistance [6]BAB +2Gain mental resistance to some damage powersExpanded Psionics Handbook
399GeneralMerciful StrikeSneak Attack +2d6Trade 1d6 sneak attack damage to deal nonlethal damageComplete Scoundrel
400GeneralMighty LeapingStr 21; Dodge; Mobility; Jump 9 ranks or a racial bonus on Jump checksGain +10 to Jump checks; reduce falling damageSavage Species
401GeneralMind DrainPower Point Reserve; Sneak Attack +2d6Trade 1d6 sneak attack damage to drain power pointsComplete Scoundrel
402GeneralMind over BodyCon 13?Heal ability damage more quicklyExpanded Psionics Handbook
403GeneralMobile SpellcastingConcentration 8 ranksCast spell and move at the same timeComplete Adventurer
404GeneralMobility [1]DodgeGain +4 bonus to AC against some attacks of opportunityV3.5 Players Handbook
405GeneralMonkey GripBAB +1Use larger melee weapons at -2 penaltyComplete Warrior
406GeneralMortalbane~Spell-like ability deals more damage; especially to mortalsBook of Vile Darkness
407GeneralMortifying AttackDeath Attack abilityCreatures that witness death attack are shakenChampions of Ruin
408GeneralMother CystCaster level 1st; Knowledge (religion) 2 ranksInternal undead cyst allows access to special spellsLibris Mortis
409GeneralMountaineer~Gain +2 on Survival and Climb checksFrostburn
410GeneralMounted Archery [1]Mounted CombatHalf penalty for ranged attacks while mountedV3.5 Players Handbook
411GeneralMounted Combat [1]Ride 1 rankNegate hits on mount with ride checkV3.5 Players Handbook
412GeneralMultiattackThree or more natural attacksSecondary attack only suffer a -2 penaltyV3.5 Monster Manual
413GeneralMultiweapon FightingDex 13; three or more handsPenalties reduced by 2 for primary hands; reduced by 6 for other handsV3.5 Monster Manual
414GeneralMutilatorBAB +4Decapitate slain enemy as a free actionChampions of Ruin
415GeneralName of the MageArcane caster level 20Anyone that speaks your name other than you becomes unnervedDragon #359
416GeneralNatural BondAnimal CompanionAdd +3 to level when determining animal companion's abilitiesComplete Adventurer
417GeneralNatural BullyIntimidate 6 ranksWeak enemies take a -2 penalty on attacksChampions of Ruin
418GeneralNatural LeaderCha 13Gain +4 bonus on rally checksHeroes of Battle
419GeneralNatural LeaderLeadership; character level 6thPermanent +2 to Leadership scoreDragon #346
420GeneralNatural ScavengerSurvival 5 ranksGain +4 on Survival checks to forage; forage at normal overland speedShining South
421GeneralNatural SpellWis 13; Ability to shape changeCast spells while changedV3.5 Players Handbook
422GeneralNecromantic MightNecromantic PresenceUndead in your presence gain +2 on attack and damage rollsLibris Mortis
423GeneralNecromantic Presence~Undead in your presence gain +4 turn resistanceLibris Mortis
424GeneralNecropotentProficiency with selected weapon; Weapon focus with selected weapon; Weapon specialization with selected weapon; fighter level 4thGain +4 damage with selected weapon against undeadLibris Mortis
425GeneralNegotiator~Gain +2 on Diplomacy and Sense MotiveV3.5 Players Handbook
426GeneralNimble BonesCorpsecrafterUndead gain +4 Initiative and +10 feet/roundLibris Mortis
427GeneralNimble DeflectionsDex 13; Perform (keyboard) 7 ranks; dodgeGain a +2 bonus to AC when using a two-handed weaponDragon #335
428GeneralNimble Fingers~Gain +2 on Disable Device and Open LocksV3.5 Players Handbook
429GeneralNo Threat to MeBAB +7; Point Blank Shot; favored enemyDo not provoke attacks of opportunity when making ranged attacksDragon #335
430GeneralNonverbal Spell~Cast spells that have verbal components without uttering verbal componentsPlanar Handbook
431GeneralOccult OpportunistKnowledge (arcana) 5 ranks; Spellcraft 5 ranksYou may make an attack of opportunity when an opponent dismisses or redirects an active spell; casts a swift or quickened spell; or uses a turn or control undead attempt. Target must make a Concentration check.Dragon #340
432GeneralOne Shot One Kill [1]Weapon FocusGain +4 to threatened critical rollHabololy Handbook
433GeneralOpen Minded~Gain +5 skill pointsComplete Adventurer
434GeneralOpportunistic Tactician [1]Dodge; Mobility; Combat ReflexesYou may make a free 5 foot step after an attack of opportunity.Dragon #340
435GeneralOverhead ThrustClose-Quarter Fighting; Power Attack; BAB +6Make attack of opportunity on foe attacking from aboveDraconomicon
436GeneralOversized Two-Weapon Fighting [1]Str 13; Two-Weapon FightingTreat one-handed weapon in off hand as light weaponComplete Adventurer
437GeneralOverwhelming AssaultBAB +15Gain bonus against adjacent foe not attacking youPlayers Handbook II
438GeneralPain MasteryCon 20; ToughnessIncrease your strength by 2 for each 50 points of damage takenSavage Species
439GeneralPain TouchWis 15; Stunning Fist; BAB +2Stunned opponents become nauseated for 1 roundComplete Warrior
440GeneralPainful Strike [4]Str 13; Power Attack; Sneak Attack +4d6Reduce Sneak Attack by two dice to reduce target's rolls by 2 for one minuteDragon #344
441GeneralParalyzing FistsWis 15; Improved Unarmed Strike; Stunning FistMultiple stunning fist attacks paralyze instead of stunDrow of the Underdark
442GeneralParrying ShieldShield ProficiencyAdd shield bonus to touch ACLords of Madness
443GeneralPassive ReconnoiterSurvival 4 ranksGain +3 to Listen and Spot when taking a full round action to do those skillsDragon #346
444GeneralPersistent AttackerSneak Attack +5d6Trade 4d6 sneak attack damage to allow sneak attack in the next roundComplete Scoundrel
445GeneralPersistent SpellExtend SpellExtend spell's duration to 24 hoursPlayers Guide to Faerun
446GeneralPersuasive~Gain +2 on Bluff and IntimidateV3.5 Players Handbook
447GeneralPetrification ImmunityRacial bonus on saving throws against Petrification effects; Petrification ResistanceYou are immune to PetrificationSerpent Kingdoms
448GeneralPetrification ResistanceRacial bonus on saving throws against Petrification effectsYou gain a +3 bonus on saving throws against Petrification effectsSerpent Kingdoms
449GeneralPhalanx Fighting [1]Proficiency with heavy shield; BAB +1Bonus to AC and Reflex saves while fighting in shield wallComplete Warrior
450GeneralPin ShieldTwo-Weapon Fighting; BAB +4Render opponent's shield temporarily uselessComplete Warrior
451GeneralPlanar Familiar [4]Ability to acquire a new familiar; compatible alignment; sufficient arcane spellcaster level; Knowledge (the places) 5 ranksAdd planar creatures to the list of available familiarsPlanar Handbook
452GeneralPlunging ShotDex 13; Point Blank ShotDeal an additional 1d6 points of damage to creatures at least 30 feet below youRaces of the Wild
453GeneralPoint Blank Shot [1]~Gain +1 bonus on ranged attacks and damage within 30ft.V3.5 Players Handbook
454GeneralPoison Expert [4]Poison Use; Craft (poisonmaking) 8 ranksYou poisons' save DC is one higherComplete Scoundrel
455GeneralPoison Immunity~Immune to one type of poison; +1 bonus to saves versus other poisonsBook of Vile Darkness
456GeneralPoison Master [4]Poison Use; Craft (poisonmaking) 8 ranks; Poison ExpertYour poisons deal +1 damage per dieComplete Scoundrel
457GeneralPole Balance [1]~Gain +4 to Bull Rush and Trip when wielding pole armDragon #331
458GeneralPole Fighter [1]Weapon Focus with a pole arm; Flurry of BlowsTreat selected weapon as a monk weaponDragon #331
459GeneralPower Attack [1]Str 13Trade attack bonus for damageV3.5 Players Handbook
460GeneralPower ClimbStr 15; fly speed; average or better maneuverabilityGain Altitude without losing speedDraconomicon
461GeneralPower Critical [1] [4]Weapon Focus with weapon; BAB +4Gain +4 bonus to confirm critical with one weaponComplete Warrior
462GeneralPower DiveStr 15; fly speed; average or better maneuverabilityDeal additional damage when making a dive attackSavage Species
463GeneralPower Lunge [1]BAB +3; Power AttackDouble strength damage on charge but provoke attack of opportunityGhostwalk
464GeneralPower Throw [1]Str 13; Brutal Throw; Power AttackPower Attack with thrown weaponsComplete Adventurer
465GeneralPowerful ChargeMedium or Larger; BAB +1Extra damage when you chargeMiniatures Handbook
466GeneralPracticed Spellcaster [4]Spellcraft 4 ranksYour caster level is +4 but not above your HDComplete Divine
467GeneralPrecise Shot [1]Point Blank ShotNo -4 penalty for shooting into meleeV3.5 Players Handbook
468GeneralPrecocious ApprenticeAracne Spellcasting ability; Intelligence or Charisma 15+Get one 2nd level spell and one 2nd spell slot; DC 8 to cast spell until caster gets 2nd level spells normally; then gain extra slot; +2 to Spellcraft skill checksComplete Arcane
469GeneralPresence of the MageInt 11; Cha 17; arcane level 18Allies gain +1 bonus; enemies have -1 penalty; animals shy away from youDragon #359
470GeneralPressure Point StrikeDex 13; Wis 13; Knowledge (Arcana) 5 ranks; Improved Unarmed Strike; Stunning Fist; BAB +8; ki strike (Magic)Variety of stunning fist attacksDragon #336
471GeneralPrestigious CombinationOne level in a prestige classMay take a 2nd relevant prestige classHabololy Handbook
472GeneralPrimitive Caster~Add material components to spells to raise a spell's effective levelFrostburn
473GeneralProne Attack [1]Dex 15; Lightning Reflexes; BAB +2Attack while prone with no penalty to stand upComplete Warrior
474GeneralPsionic Affinity~Gain +2 to Psicraft and Use Psionic Device checksExpanded Psionics Handbook
475GeneralPsionic Hole [6]Con 15Drain away psionic foes focus and power pointsExpanded Psionics Handbook
476GeneralPsionic MasteryAble to manifest powers or use psi-like abilitiesTake 10 on manifester level checksComplete Psion
477GeneralPsychic RefusalSpell Resistance; Iron WillSR increase by 4 against mind affecting spellsDrow of the Underdark
478GeneralPulverize Foe [1]Str 15; BAB +6; Proficient with melee bludgeoning weaponSubsequent attacks deal +1d6 points of damageChampions of Ruin
479GeneralPunch HardenedSee descriptionSubdual damage reduction +2Habololy Handbook
480GeneralPurify Spell-Like AbilityAny good alignmentAdd good descriptor to spell-like ability; neutral creatures take half damage; good creatures take no damageBook of Exalted Deeds
481GeneralPushbackStr 17; Improved Bull Rush; Power AttackPush enemy back after melee attackMiniatures Handbook
482GeneralQuick ChangeDex 15; alternate form abilityReduce the amount of time to change shapeSavage Species
483GeneralQuick CleaveStr 15; Dex 13; Cleave; Power AttackYou gain a +2 circumstance attack bonus on all cleave attacksDragon #343
484GeneralQuick Draw [1]BAB +1Draw weapon as free actionV3.5 Players Handbook
485GeneralQuick ReconnoiterListen 5 ranks; Spot 5 ranksSpot and Listen as free actions; +2 on initiative checksComplete Adventurer
486GeneralQuick Recovery~Allows new saves against stun and dazeLords of Madness
487GeneralQuicken Spell-like abilitySpell-like ability at 10th level or higherUse spell-like ability quickened three times per dayV3.5 Monster Manual
488GeneralRadiant FlickerFaerie fire spell-like ability; Dazzling FireUse faerie fire to grant target concealmentDrow of the Underdark
489GeneralRampaging Bull RushImproved Bull Rush; ability to rage; size Large or biggerKnock foe prone as part of raging bull rushRaces of Stone
490GeneralRanged Disarm [1] [2]Dex 15; Point Blank Shot; Precise Shot; BAB +5Use ranged weapon to disarm foe within 30 feetComplete Warrior
491GeneralRanged Pin [1]Dex 15; Point Blank Shot; Precise Shot; BAB +5Use ranged weapon to grapple foe within 30 feetComplete Warrior
492GeneralRanged Spell Specialization [2]Weapon Focus (ranged spell); caster level 4thGain +2 bonus on damage rolls with ranged spellsComplete Arcane
493GeneralRanged Sunder [1]Str 13; Point Blank Shot; Precise Shot; Ranged Pin; BAB +5Use ranged weapon to sunder foe's weapon at reduced damage penaltyComplete Warrior
494GeneralRanged ThreatCombat Reflexes; Point Blank Shot; Precise Shot; BAB +6You threaten all targets within 15 ft. with your ranged weaponDragon #350
495GeneralRapid AssaultBAB +1Add 1d6 damage in first round of melee combatTome of Battle
496GeneralRapid BlitzDex 13; Dodge; Mobility; Spring Attack; BAB +18; Bounding AssaultMake a third attack while using your spring attackPlayers Handbook II
497GeneralRapid MetabolismCon 13Heal hit points more quicklyExpanded Psionics Handbook
498GeneralRapid RegenerationRegeneration abilityRegeneration increases by 1Fiendish Codex II
499GeneralRapid Reload [1]Weapon proficiency with crossbowReload crossbow more quicklyV3.5 Players Handbook
500GeneralRapid Shot [1]Dex 13; Point Blank ShotOne extra ranged attack each roundV3.5 Players Handbook
501GeneralRapid Stunning [1] [3]Combat Reflexes; Stunning Fist; BAB +6Use one additional stunning attack per roundComplete Warrior
502GeneralRapid SwimmingNatural Swim Speed; base Fortitude save +2Swim speed increases by 20 ft.Stormwrack
503GeneralRattlesnake Strike [1]Wis 15; Improved Initiative; Improved Unarmed Strike; Stunning FistDeal Con damage with your unarmed strikeSandstorm
504GeneralRazing StrikeSneak Attack; Ability to cast 3rd level spellsSpend a spell use to gain attack and damage bonuses against undead and constructsComplete Adventurer
505GeneralReactive CounterspellImproved Counterspell; Improved InitiativeCounterspell once per round without readying an action to do soPlayers Guide to Faerun
506GeneralReactive ResistanceSpell ResistanceLower spell resistance as an immediate actionDrow of the Underdark
507GeneralReady ShotPoint Blank ShotReadied attack deals +3d6 damageHeroes of Battle
508GeneralReckless ChargeBAB +1Charge gets +4 to hit; -4 to ACMiniatures Handbook
509GeneralReckless OffenseBAB +1Take -4 AC to gain +2 to attacksExpanded Psionics Handbook
510GeneralReciprocal Knowledge [4]7 ranks in two related skills with existing synergy bonusIncreases existing synergy bonus from +2 to +5 on one specific two skill synergyAlchemy and Herbalists
511GeneralReinforced WingsStr 13; wings and a glide or fly speedFly with medium armor or a medium loadRaces of the Dragon
512GeneralRemain ConsciousBAB +2; Endurance; Iron Will; ToughnessPartial actions may be taken from 0 to -10 hit pointsOriental Adventures
513GeneralResist Disease~Gain +4 bonus to Fortitude saves against diseaseShining South
514GeneralResounding Blow [1]Str 13; Power Attack; Intimidate 7 ranksPotential cowering effect on critical hitBook of Exalted Deeds
515GeneralReverberationSonic-based attackIncrease the DC of sonic-based attacks by 2Savage Species
516GeneralReversal of FortuneDeathUse Cha instead of Con when gaining hpKobold Quarterly #10
517GeneralRicochetDex 19; Blind-Fight; Improved Precise Shot; Point Blank Shot; Precise Shot; BAB +5After a successful ranged attack with a thrown weapon; make a second attackDragon #343
518GeneralRide-By Attack [1]Mounted CombatMove before and after mounted chargeV3.5 Players Handbook
519GeneralRing the EarImproved Unarmed Strike; Sneak Attack +2d6Reduce Sneak Attack by one die to attempt to deafen target for one minuteDragon #344
520GeneralRock HurlingStr 19; size Large or biggerHurl rocks as a giantRaces of Stone
521GeneralRoll with itCon 20; ToughnessGain damage reduction 2/-Savage Species
522GeneralRoundabout KickStr 15; Improved Unarmed Strike; Power AttackAdditional unarmed attack against opponent on which you have just scored a critical hitComplete Warrior
523GeneralRun~Run at 5x normal speed; +4 bonus to running jumpsV3.5 Players Handbook
524GeneralSahuagin Flip [1]Swim speed; Dex 13+; DodgeAttack then withdrawal in the same roundStormwrack
525GeneralSand CamouflageSandskimmer; Hide 5 ranksQuickly bury yourself in sand to gain a hide bonusSandstorm
526GeneralSand DancerWis 13; Tumble 4 ranksBlind foe with thrown sand during another attackSandstorm
527GeneralSand SnareCombat Expertise; Improved TripFoe is hindered in rising when knocked prone in sandSandstorm
528GeneralSand SpinnerWis 13; Tumble 8 ranks; Sand DancerBlind foes in 5 foot radius with thrown sandSandstorm
529GeneralSandskimmer~You can ignore some difficulties of moving on sandSandstorm
530GeneralSavvy RogueRogue level 10thYour rogue special abilities improveComplete Scoundrel
531GeneralScorpion's GraspStr 13; Dex 13; Improved unarmed Strike; Improved GrappleBegin grapple with a melee strikeSandstorm
532GeneralScout the PathSurvival 4 ranksWhile trailblazing; gain a +3 bonus to Survival and a +1 to Hide and Move Silently when taking a full round actionDragon #346
533GeneralScrambleDex 15; Small size or smaller; improved evasionOnce per day; make a reflex save to avoid a killing blowSavage Species
534GeneralSea Legs1 year spent at seaGain +2 attack rolls; weapon and armor proficiencyHabololy Handbook
535GeneralSecond Wind~1/day gain hit points equal to your Con modifierMiniatures Handbook
536GeneralSelf-Sufficient~Gain +2 on Heal and SurvivalV3.5 Players Handbook
537GeneralSense WeaknessInt 13; Combat Expertise; Weapon FocusYour attacks more easily overcome damage reduction or hardnessDraconomicon
538GeneralSerpent FangWis 15; Improved Unarmed Strike; Stunning FistProject your Ki to deal damage 5 ft beyond your normal reachSandstorm
539GeneralShadow of the AfterlifeDeathOnce per day; use you shadow as an Unseen ServantKobold Quarterly #10
540GeneralShared FuryAnimal companion; ability to rage; Handle Animal 4 ranksyour animal companion rages with youRaces of the Wild
541GeneralSharp-Shooting [1]Point Blank Shot; Precise Shot; BAB +3Halve opponent's cover bonusComplete Warrior
542GeneralShield Charge [1]Improved Shield Bash; BAB +3Free trip attack with shield during chargeComplete Warrior
543GeneralShield Proficiency~No armor check penalty on attack rollsV3.5 Players Handbook
544GeneralShield Slam [1]Improved Shield Bash; Shield Charge; BAB +6Use shield to daze opponentComplete Warrior
545GeneralShield Wall [1]Shield ProficiencyShield bonus increases by +2 when adjacent to shield wielderHeroes of Battle
546GeneralShielded CastingConcentration 5 ranks; Combat Casting; Shield ProficiencyNo attacks of opportunity when you cast spells with a shield readyRaces of Stone
547GeneralShielded ManifestingConcentration 5 ranks; Combat Manifesting; Shield ProficiencyNo attacks of opportunity when you manifest powers with a shield readyRaces of Stone
548GeneralShieldmate [1]BAB +1Your shield grants bonus to adjacent alliesMiniatures Handbook
549GeneralShorten Grip [1]~May attack adjacent characters when wielding a reach pole armDragon #331
550GeneralShot on the Run [1]Dex 13; Point Blank Shot; Dodge; Mobility; BAB +4Move before and after ranged attackV3.5 Players Handbook
551GeneralSickening Critical [1]Power Critical; BAB +11When you score a critical hit; the target is sickenedPathfinder
552GeneralSidestepDex 15; Tumble 8 ranks; Dodge; MobilityGain 5 foot step after making an attack of opportunityMiniatures Handbook
553GeneralSidestep ChargeDex 13; DodgeGain +4 bonus to AC against a charging foeExpanded Psionics Handbook
554GeneralSignature SpellSpell MasterySpontaneously convert prepared spells into chosen spellPlayers Guide to Faerun
555GeneralSilver BloodFortitude +2Immune to Lycanthropy; any Lycanthrope that bites you must make a save or take damageChampions of Valor
556GeneralSimple Weapon Proficiency [4]~No -4 penalty on attack rolls with simple weaponsV3.5 Players Handbook
557GeneralSkewer Foe [1]Str 15; BAB +6; proficient with piercing melee weaponSubsequent attacks deal +1d6 points of damageChampions of Ruin
558GeneralSkill Focus [2] [4]~Gain +3 bonus on checks with selected skillV3.5 Players Handbook
559GeneralSlavery Survivor3 years spent as slaveImmune to intimidation; +1 to saves; +2 against fearHabololy Handbook
560GeneralSlippery SkinEscape Artist 9 ranks; Combat ReflexesSubstitute escape artist check result for touch ACExemplars of Evil
561GeneralSlow AgingNon-chaotic; Wis 13Live 10 years longer; +2 versus time spellsHabololy Handbook
562GeneralSmiting PowerPower Attack; ability to smiteAdd Smite bonus to Bull Rush or OverrunChampions of Valor
563GeneralSnap KickImproved Unarmed Strike; BAB +6Make an extra attack; all at a -2Tome of Battle
564GeneralSnatchSize huge or largerGrab creature for automatic damage or to throwV3.5 Monster Manual
565GeneralSnatch Arrows [1]Dex 15; Deflect Arrows; Improved Unarmed StrikeCatch a deflected ranged attackV3.5 Players Handbook
566GeneralSnatch Trophy~Take trophy from fallen victim as free actionChampions of Ruin
567GeneralSneak Attack of OpportunityCombat Reflexes; Sneak Attack +3d6The first attack of opportunity you make against a target in a round adds your sneak attack damage.Dragon #340
568GeneralSpear Master~Use a spear or short spear as a double weaponDragon #330
569GeneralSpectral BrawlerDeath; Improved Unarmed AttackUnarmed attacks have ghost touch propertyKobold Quarterly #10
570GeneralSpectral Skirmisher [1]BAB +6Gain bonuses while invisiblePlayers Handbook II
571GeneralSpell Focus [2] [4]~Gain +1 bonus on save DCs against specific school of magicV3.5 Players Handbook
572GeneralSpell Girding~All dispel checks against your spells are made at a -2 penaltyMagic of Faerun
573GeneralSpell GraftKnowledge (Arcana) 8 ranks; Craft Wondrous Item; ability to cast spells without preparationBy sacrificing a known spell; you may enchant a body part to cast that spell a limited number of times per dayDragon #337
574GeneralSpell-linked FamiliarArcane Caster level 9th; FamiliarFamiliar gains limited spellcasting abilityPlayers Handbook II
575GeneralSpell Linking2nd level spells; any metamagic featSee DescriptionHabololy Handbook
576GeneralSpell Mastery [2] [4]Wizard 1st levelCan prepare some spells without spellbookV3.5 Players Handbook
577GeneralSpell Penetration~Gain +2 bonus on caster level to defeat spell resistanceV3.5 Players Handbook
578GeneralSpell ThematicsArcane spellcaster level 1stGain +4 to Spellcraft DC to identify your spells; +1 caster level with thematic spellsPlayers Guide to Faerun
579GeneralSpell-AdaptedDeath by a certain spellImmune to the spell that killed youKobold Quarterly #10
580GeneralSpellcasting Prodigy~Treat primary spellcasting ability score as 2 higher for bonus spells and save DCs.Players Guide to Faerun
581GeneralSpider CompanionVermin Trainer; Animal CompanionGain monstrous spider as a companionDrow of the Underdark
582GeneralSpinning Defense [1]Combat Expertise; Deflect ArrowsGain +1 Dodge bonus when fighting defensively; Use deflect arrows and number of timesDragon #331
583GeneralSpirited Charge [1]Mounted Combat; Ride-By AttackDouble damage on mounted chargeV3.5 Players Handbook
584GeneralSpring Attack [1]Mobility; BAB +4May move before and after melee attackV3.5 Players Handbook
585GeneralSpontaneous DomainAbility to cast 3rd level divine spells; access to two or more domainsLeave your domain slots open to be filled at needComplete Champion
586GeneralStaggering CriticalImproved Critical; BAB +12Critical hit slows for 1 roundDrow of the Underdark
587GeneralStaggering Critical [1]Power Critical; BAB +13When you score a critical hit; the target is staggeredPathfinder
588GeneralStaggering StrikeBAB +6; Sneak AttackLimit Target to single action for one roundComplete Adventurer
589GeneralStalwart DefenseCombat Reflexes; BAB +9; Hindering OpportunistFoes provoke aid another action from you when they attack alliesPlayers Handbook II
590GeneralStampHuge size; must have feet; TrampleCreate a shock wave on a solid surfaceSavage Species
591GeneralStand StillStr 13Attack of opportunity stops foe's movementExpanded Psionics Handbook
592GeneralSteadfast DeterminationEnduranceUse Constitution to modify Will savesPlayers Handbook II
593GeneralStealthy~Gain +2 bonus on Hide and Move SilentlyV3.5 Players Handbook
594GeneralSteam MagicSpellcraft 4 ranksCast fire spells into water without spellcraft checkStormwrack
595GeneralStitched Flesh FamiliarAbility to acquire a new familiar; ability to cast three or more necromancy spellsFamiliar gains undead qualities; and you can control 4 extra HD of undeadLibris Mortis
596GeneralStone RageEarth Sense; rage abilityGain +1 natural armor while ragingRaces of Stone
597GeneralStoneback [1]Shield Proficiency; Tunnel FightingPrevent flanks when a wall shields one sideRaces of Stone
598GeneralStrong StomachCon 13; EnduranceReduce nauseated and sickened conditions by one stepCityscape
599GeneralStudent of the ArtsCha 14; Dex 14Gain +2 bonus to all Perform checks and to one Craft or Profession checkRokugan
600GeneralStunning Critical [1]Staggering Critical; BAB +17When you score a critical hit; the target is stunnedPathfinder
601GeneralStunning Fist [1]Dex 13; Wis 13; Improved Unarmed Strike; BAB +8Stun opponent with unarmed strikeV3.5 Players Handbook
602GeneralSubduing Strike [1]~No penalty when dealing nonlethal damage; sneak attack deals nonlethal damageBook of Exalted Deeds
603GeneralSummons ExtensionA summoning spell; any metamagic featSummoned creature may remain longer; costs xp and goldHabololy Handbook
604GeneralSuperior Expertise [4]Int 13; Combat Expertise; BAB +6you may subtract more than 5 from your attackOriental Adventures
605GeneralSuperior Unarmed StrikeImproved Unarmed Strike; BAB +3Deal greater unarmed damageTome of Battle
606GeneralSupernatural InstinctsCombat ReflexesCreature using a supernatural ability provokes an attack of opportunity from youFiendish Codex II
607GeneralSupernatural TransformationInnate spell-like abilityInnate spell-like ability becomes a supernatural abilitySavage Species
608GeneralSupremely ConfidentPerform (act) 7 ranksUse perform instead of intimidate to demoralizeDragon #335
609GeneralSurprising Riposte [4]Int 13; Combat Expertise; Improved FeintFeinted target that takes damage becomes flat-footedDrow of the Underdark
610GeneralSwarmfightingSmall size; Dex 13; BAB +1Occupy same space as other swarmfighting ally; gain +1 morale bonus per ally (up to Dex bonus)Complete Warrior
611GeneralSweeping Trip [4]Improved TripIf you trip an opponent; you may make another trip attempt instead of the attack on the tripped opponentDragon #343
612GeneralSwift TumblerTumble 7 ranksTumble at 1/2 speed +10 ftCityscape
613GeneralSwim-By AttackSwim speedAttack as you swim past your opponentStormwrack
614GeneralSwing-By AttackClimb 1 rank; Use Rope 1 rank; Dexterity 15+; BAB +1When swinging from a rope and making a charge attack; you may move again after the attackSpiros Black
615GeneralTactical AdvantageBAB +3; favored enemyAdd favored enemy bonus to trip; bull rush; and disarm checksDragon #335
616GeneralTactile Trapsmith~Add Dex modifier rather than Int to Disable Device and Search checksComplete Adventurer
617GeneralTechnology [4]Int 10; 1st level or 2 years spent in the presence of technologyDo not suffer penalty when using clickersHabololy Handbook
618GeneralTelling BlowSneak AttackGain sneak attack damage on critical strikesPlayers Handbook II
619GeneralTerrifying Warrior [4]Str 13; Cleave; Power Attack; BAB +3Opponents that see you Cleave and drop a target must roll check s versus fearDragon #343
620GeneralTheurgic BondAbility to gain a familiar; ability to gain an animal companionCombine class levels for purposes of gaining an animal companion or familiarDragon #325
621GeneralTheurgic MountAbility to gain a paladin special mount; ability to cast arcane spellsCombine class levels for purposes of determining your holy mounts abilitiesDragon #325
622GeneralTheurgic Specialist [4]Specialist wizard 3rd level; and other spellcasting classCombine class levels for casting level of spells in your specialty schoolDragon #325
623GeneralTiring Critical [1]Power Critical; BAB +13When you score a critical hit; the target is fatiguedPathfinder
624GeneralThroat PunchImproved Unarmed Strike; Sneak Attack +3d6Trade 3d6 sneak attack damage to hinder target's speech for 3 roundsComplete Scoundrel
625GeneralThrow AnythingDex 15; Proficiency with weapon; BAB +2Throw melee weapon with no penaltyComplete Warrior
626GeneralThunderclapStr 30; Improved Unarmed Strike; Power AttackCreate cone of sound to deal damageSavage Species
627GeneralTomb-Born FortitudeNongood; Tomb-Tainted Soul25% critical resistance; no massive damage riskLibris Mortis
628GeneralTomb-Born ResilienceNongood; Tomb-Tainted SoulGain +2 on saves versus mental influence; poison; diseaseLibris Mortis
629GeneralTomb-Born VitalityNongood; Tomb-Tainted SoulForego sleep; immune to magic sleep effectsLibris Mortis
630GeneralTomb-Tainted SoulNongoodHeal with negative energy as undead creatureLibris Mortis
631GeneralToothed BlowStr 13+; Improved Unarmed StrikeYour unarmed strikes ignore the usual underwater penaltiesStormwrack
632GeneralTouch of Benevolenceevil50% chance to ignore any effect that targets or damages evil creaturesChampions of Ruin
633GeneralTouch Spell Specialization [2]Weapon Focus (touch spell); caster level 4thGain +2 bonus on damage rolls with touch spellsComplete Arcane
634GeneralToughness [3]~Gain +3 Hit PointsV3.5 Players Handbook
635GeneralTower Shield ProficiencyShield ProficiencyNo armor check penalty on attack rollsV3.5 Players Handbook
636GeneralTrack~Use survival skill to trackV3.5 Players Handbook
637GeneralTrample [1]Mounted CombatTarget cannot avoid mounted overrunV3.5 Players Handbook
638GeneralTrophy CollectorCraft (Taxidermy) 6 ranksGain bonuses from trophies you create and wearPlayers Handbook II
639GeneralTumbling Feint [1]Bluff 4 ranks; Tumble 4 ranksGain +5 on feint attempt after successful tumblePlayers Handbook II
640GeneralTunnel Fighting [1]BAB +1No penalties on attacks or to AC when squeezingRaces of Stone
641GeneralTunnel Riding [1]Mounted Combat; Tunnel FightingYou and your mount take no penalties on attacks or to AC when squeezingRaces of Stone
642GeneralTwin SpellAny other metamagic featSpell takes effect twice on target or areaPlayers Guide to Faerun
643GeneralTwist the KnifeSneak Attack +2d6; Improved Critical (melee weapon)Forego critical damage to impose a penalty on foe's attacks; damage; saves; and checksExemplars of Evil
644GeneralTwo-Weapon Attack of Opportunity [1]Dex 17; Combat Reflexes; Two-Weapon FightingYou may attack once with each weapon during an attack of opportunityDragon #340
645GeneralTwo-Weapon Defense [1]Two-Weapon FightingOff-hand weapon grants +1 shield bonus to ACV3.5 Players Handbook
646GeneralTwo-Weapon Fighting [1]Dex 15Reduce two-weapon fighting penalties by 2V3.5 Players Handbook
647GeneralTwo-weapon Pounce [1]Dex 15; Two-Weapon Fighting; BAB +6Attack with both weapons while chargingPlayers Handbook II
648GeneralTwo-weapon Rend [1]Dex 15; Two-Weapon Fighting; BAB +11Gain damage bonus if you hit with both weaponsPlayers Handbook II
649GeneralUnbalancing StrikeImproved Unarmed Strike; BAB +4; Stunning Fist; Wis 15Strike can knock opponent off balanceOriental Adventures
650GeneralUncanny Forethought [4]Int 17+; Spell MasteryReserve slots to cast Spell Mastery spellsExemplars of Evil
651GeneralUncanny ScentScent ability; Improved ScentPinpoint location by scent within 20 feetSavage Species
652GeneralUndead LeadershipCharacter level 6th; nongood; Knowledge (religion) 1 rankAttract undead followers and cohortLibris Mortis
653GeneralUndo ResistanceSneak AttackDeal sneak attack with cold iron weapons and reduce a creature's spell resistanceFiendish Codex II
654GeneralUnnatural WillCharisma 12; Iron WillAdd Charisma modifier to saves against fearHeroes of Horror
655GeneralUnquenchable Flame of Life~Gain +2 bonus on saves against undead attacksLibris Mortis
656GeneralVampire HunterKnowledge (religion) 6 ranksDetect Vampires; immune to dominating gazeLibris Mortis
657GeneralVault [1]Str 13+; Jump 4 ranksReduce DC of long and high jumpsDragon #331
658GeneralVengeful SurgeIron WillWhen you save against a spell or a spell-like ability or supernatural ability; gain +2 damage against creature that targeted you for 1 roundFiendish Codex II
659GeneralVermin TrainerHandle Animal 4 ranksTrain vermin creaturesDrow of the Underdark
660GeneralVerminous GraftAbility to prepare and cast Contagion; required sacrificeSacrifice hand to receive corrupt handDragon #336
661GeneralVersatile [4]~Two skills become class skillsRokugan
662GeneralVersatile PerformerPerform 5 ranksTreat number of Perform skills as if they had ranks equal to your highest Perform rankComplete Adventurer
663GeneralVexing Flanker [1]Combat ReflexesGain +4 on attacks when flankingPlayers Handbook II
664GeneralVicious WoundCombat Expertise; wounding special attackWounding attack deals an additional 1 per roundSavage Species
665GeneralViolate Spell-Like Ability~Adds evil descriptor to spell-like; half of any damage dealt is vileBook of Vile Darkness
666GeneralVoice of the MageInt 13; arcane level 16Greater control over voice; +1 to checks that involve voiceDragon #359
667GeneralWandstrikeUse Magic Device 4 ranksMake touch attack with wand to deal 1d6 damage and target creature with spellComplete Arcane
668GeneralWar ChantPerform (act) 7 ranksGrant yourself and allies a bonus to initiativeDragon #335
669GeneralWe Few; We Happy FewPerform (oratory) 7 ranksAllies may use your perform check in place of next Willpower saveDragon #335
670GeneralWeaken the HeartBAB+4; Sneak Attack +3d6Reduce Sneak Attack by two dice to attempt to cause target to become fatigues after a physical ability checkDragon #344
671GeneralWeakening Touch [1]Wis 17; Improved Unarmed Strike; Stunning Fist; BAB +2Cause foe's strength to drop by 6; for 1 minuteComplete Warrior
672GeneralWeapon AvengerDeath by a certain weaponTwo rounds per day; chosen weapon gains a qualityKobold Quarterly #10
673GeneralWeapon Finesse [1] [2]BAB +1Use Dex modifier in place of STR for light melee weaponsV3.5 Players Handbook
674GeneralWeapon Focus [1] [2]BAB +1; Proficiency with weaponGain +1 bonus on attack rolls with selected weaponV3.5 Players Handbook
675GeneralWeapon Kick UpTumble 1 rank; BAB +1Make a DC 15 Dexterity check to pick up a weapon as a free actionSpiros Black
676GeneralWeapon Specialization [1] [2]Proficiency with weapon; Weapon Focus with weapon; fighter level 4thGain +2 bonus on damage rolls with selected weaponV3.5 Players Handbook
677GeneralWedded to the LightGood alignment; ability to summon a familiarYour familiar gains other abilities as you advance in level.Dragon #358
678GeneralWhirlwind Attack [1]Dex 13; Combat Expertise; Dodge; Mobility; Spring Attack; BAB +4One melee attack against each opponent in reachV3.5 Players Handbook
679GeneralWild SurgeAbility to cast arcane spellsSee DescriptionHabololy Handbook
680GeneralWild Talent~Gain psionic ability and 2 power pointsExpanded Psionics Handbook
681GeneralWingoverFly speedChange direction up to 180 degrees while movingV3.5 Monster Manual
682GeneralWise to You WaysFavored enemyAdd your favored enemy bonus to saving throwsGhostwalk
683GeneralZen ArcheryWis 13; BAB +1Use Wis instead of Dex for ranger attacksComplete Warrior
684BardicBlasphemous UtterancePerform 9 ranks; Undertone Of HeresyPanic; frighten; or shake creatures that hear the songDragon #336
685BardicChant of FortitudePerform 8 ranks; Concentration 8 ranksBardic music keeps allies conscious at negative hit pointsComplete Adventurer
686BardicChant of the Long RoadPerform 6 ranksBardic music allows allies to move overland more quicklyComplete Scoundrel
687BardicChord of DistractionPerform 9 ranksBardic music renders target flat-footed against one allyComplete Scoundrel
688BardicDisguise SpellPerform 9 ranksCast spells as part of a performanceComplete Adventurer
689BardicDivine InspirationTurn UndeadBard and cleric levels stack for determining bardic music abilityDragon #333
690BardicDoomspeakIntimidate 8 ranks; Perform 8 ranksTarget takes -10 penalty on rolls for one roundChampions of Ruin
691BardicEnchanting SongPerform (any) 5 ranks; Spell Focus (enchantment)Spend bardic music to increase enchantment spell caster level and DC by 1Races of Stone
692BardicEpic of the Lost KingPerform 6 ranksBardic music removes fatigue and exhaustionComplete Scoundrel
693BardicExtra Music~Gain 4 extra uses per dayComplete Adventurer
694BardicGreen EarPerform 10 ranksAffect plants with bardic musicComplete Adventurer
695BardicInspire SpellpowerPerform (any) 8 ranksNew song increase allies caster level by 1Races of Stone
696BardicIronskin ChantPerform 12 ranks; Concentration 12 ranksUse Bardic music to gain DR 5/-Complete Adventurer
697BardicLingering Song~Extend the duration of your bardic music effectsComplete Adventurer
698BardicLyric SongPerform 9 ranks; Spellcaster level 6thSpend Bardic music uses to cast extra spellsComplete Adventurer
699BardicMetamagic SongAny two Metamagic featsSpend bardic music to apply metamagic spellsRaces of Stone
700BardicMisleading SongPerform (any) 5 ranks; Spell Focus (illusion)Spend bardic music to increase illusion spell caster level and DC by 1Races of Stone
701BardicMusic of the Outer SpheresPerform (any) 11 ranks; bard level 9thBardic music can sicken; vitalize; or lull aberrationsLords of Madness
702BardicObscure Lore~Gain +4 bonus on Bardic knowledge or lore checksComplete Adventurer
703BardicRequiemPerform (any) 8 ranksBardic music effects undeadLibris Mortis
704BardicSickening SonataPerform 12 ranks; Undertone Of Heresy; Blasphemous UtteranceParalyze; nauseate; or sicken creatures that hear the songDragon #336
705BardicSong of the WildPerform 8 ranksBardic music effects animalsHabololy Handbook
706BardicSound of SilencePerform 9 ranksBardic music deafens a targetComplete Scoundrel
707BardicSubsonicsPerform 10 ranksProduce bardic music effects very softlyComplete Adventurer
708BardicSunken SingPerform (sing) 4 ranksProduce bardic music effects underwaterStormwrack
709BardicTheurgic EmpathyRanger level 1stAdd your bardic level to your wild empathy rollsDragon #325
710BardicUndertone of HeresyPerform 4 ranksSpend an additional bardic music to increase the DCDragon #336
711BardicWarning ShoutPerform 9 ranksBardic music grants evasion and a +5 bonus on next reflex saveComplete Scoundrel
712DivineAura of Life EnergyKnowledge (religion) 7 ranks; Ability to turn or rebuke undeadCreate 20 ft. radius of holy energy that deals damageDragon #334
713DivineBane of DecayAbility to cast remove disease as a spell-like abilitySpend a remove use to make a weapon either +1 vermin bane or +1 undead bane for 1 minuteDragon #337
714DivineCoronaKnowledge (religion) 4 ranks; Ability to turn or rebuke undeadCreate 20 ft. radius of holy energy that frightens undeadDragon #334
715DivineDetoxifying TouchAbility to cast remove disease as a spell-like abilitySpend two remove uses to produce a neutralize poison effectDragon #337
716DivineDivine AccuracyAbility to turn or rebuke undeadIgnore miss chance for incorporealnessLibris Mortis
717DivineDivine ArmorDivine caster level 5th; ability to turn or rebuke undeadExpend turn/rebuke attempt to gain DR 5/-Players Handbook II
718DivineDivine CensureAbility to turn or rebuke undead; good alignmentCause evil outsiders to become shakenFiendish Codex II
719DivineDivine Damage ReductionEarth Sense; Earth's WardingSpend rebuke attempt to gain damage reduction 2/adamantiumRaces of Stone
720DivineDivine DefianceAbility to turn or rebuke undead; divine caster level 3rdCounter enemy's spell as an immediate actionFiendish Codex II
721DivineDivine FortuneDivine caster level 5th; ability to turn or rebuke undeadExpend turn/rebuke attempt to gain +4 bonus on next savePlayers Handbook II
722DivineDivine IntercessionAbility to turn or rebuke undead; Travel or Trickery domainSpend three rebuke attempts to teleport 30 feetDrow of the Underdark
723DivineDivine JusticeAbility to turn or rebuke undeadExpend turn/rebuke attempt; choose foe; deal your damage or hisPlayers Handbook II
724DivineDivine Justice; PlanarAbility to turn or rebuke undeadDeal +2d6 damage with melee attacks against evil outsiders for 1 roundFiendish Codex II
725DivineDivine MetamagicAbility to turn or rebuke undeadSpend turn/rebuke attempts to enhance spells with a metamagic featComplete Divine
726DivineDivine MightAbility to turn or rebuke undead; Cha 13; Str 13; Power AttackSpend a turn attempt to add charisma modifier to damageFaiths and Pantheons
727DivineDivine Spell PowerAbility to turn or rebuke undeadSpend turn/rebuke attempts to increase your caster levelComplete Divine
728DivineDivine SpellshieldRacial bonus on saves against spells; ability to turn or rebukeSpend rebuke attempt to grant your allies +2 bonus to saving throws against spellsRaces of Stone
729DivineDivine VengeanceAbility to turn or rebuke undead; Extra TurningSpend a turn attempt to add sacred damage to attacksFaiths and Pantheons
730DivineDivine WardAbility to turn or rebuke undeadIncrease range of spells from touch to short for allyPlayers Handbook II
731DivineDomain SpontaneityAbility to turn or rebuke undeadSpend turn/rebuke attempts to spontaneously cast a domain spellComplete Divine
732DivineEarth's WardingEarth's SenseSpend rebuke attempt to increase your natural armor by 2Races of Stone
733DivineElemental HealingAbility to turn or rebuke elementalsSpend turn/rebuke attempts to heal a nearby elementalComplete Divine
734DivineElemental SmitingAbility to turn or rebuke elementalsSpend turn/rebuke attempts to smite an elementalComplete Divine
735DivineEmpower TurningAbility to turn or rebuke undead; Extra Turning; Cha 13You can turn or rebuke more undead than usualComplete Divine
736DivineExtra Divine PowerA divinely granted class ability with a set number of uses per dayYou may use the selected ability two more times per dayDragon #343
737DivineExtra Remove DiseaseAbility to cast remove disease as a spell-like abilityGain an additional two remove uses per weekDragon #337
738DivineGlorious WeaponsAbility to turn or rebuke undeadAllies weapons gain alignment for overcoming DRComplete Divine
739DivineHaunting WeaponsKnowledge (religion) 4 ranks; Knowledge (religion) 4 ranks; Ability to turn or rebuke undeadCreate 30 ft. radius of ghost touch for alliesDragon #334
740DivineHeighten TurningAbility to turn or rebuke undead; Extra Turning; Cha 13Add to turning check; but reduce turning damage rollFaiths and Pantheons
741DivineHoly CallingCha 15; Ability to turn or rebuke undeadForce undead to attack youDragon #334
742DivineImbue WeaponExtra Turning; ability to turn or rebuke the undeadDesignate a target opponent; your weapon deals extra damage against that opponentDragon #343
743DivinePersistent RefusalAbility to turn or rebuke undeadMake another save against an ongoing effectFiendish Codex II
744DivinePierce the DarknessDarkvision; ability to turn or rebukeSpend turn attempt to double range of your darkvisionRaces of Stone
745DivinePious DefianceAbility to turn or rebuke undeadGain bonus on Willpower saves equal to 1/2 character level as an immediate actionFiendish Codex II
746DivineProfane AuraAbility to turn or rebuke undead; Divine caster level 9thCreate mist that grants concealment; +2 AC for undeadPlayers Handbook II
747DivineProfane BoostAbility to turn or rebuke undeadNearby inflict spells are maximized for one roundComplete Divine
748DivineProfane LifeleechAbility to rebuke undeadSteal 1d6 hp from nearby creatureLibris Mortis
749DivineProfane OutburstAbility to rebuke undead; evilSpend rebuke attempt to give undead within 60' +1 bonus to ACChampions of Ruin
750DivineProfane AgonyAbility to rebuke undead; Death or Destruction domainSpend rebuke attempt to damage; sicken living foe within 30 feetDrow of the Underdark
751DivineProfane VigorCha 11; ability to rebuke undeadGrant 1d8 temporary hp to nearby undeadLibris Mortis
752DivineQuicken TurningAbility to turn or rebuke undead; Extra Turning; Cha 13You can turn or rebuke more undead as a free actionComplete Divine
753DivineRetrieve SpellAny two divine feats; the ability to turn or rebuke the undeadSpend turn/rebuke attempt to regain a previously cast spellComplete Champion
754DivineSacred BoostAbility to turn or rebuke undeadNearby cure spells are maximized for one roundComplete Divine
755DivineSacred HealingHeal 8 ranks; ability to turn/rebuke undeadAllies gain fast healing 3 for a short timeComplete Divine
756DivineSacred RadianceAbility to turn or rebuke undead; Divine caster level 9thExpend turn attempt to create radius of light that soothes allies; hampers undeadPlayers Handbook II
757DivineSacred VengeanceAbility to turn or rebuke undeadGain +2d6 on melee attacks against undeadLibris Mortis
758DivineSacred VitalityAbility to turn undeadGain immunity to energy drain; ability drain; and ability damageLibris Mortis
759DivineSmite CarrierAbility to cast remove disease as a spell-like ability; smite abilityUse may spend a remove use to instead smite a creature as per the smite ability. The creature must have a poisonous or infectious natural attack.Dragon #337
760DivineSpiritual CounterAny other divine feat; the ability to turn or rebuke the undeadSpend turn/rebuke attempts to attempt a counterspellComplete Champion
761DivineSpurn Death's TouchAbility to turn undeadHeal ability damage; paralysis; negative levelsLibris Mortis
762DivineStrengthened ResilienceAbility to cast remove disease as a spell-like abilitySpend a remove use to grant yourself and two allies a +4 bonus to Fortitude against poison or disease saves for 1 hour.Dragon #337
763DivineTrue BelieverWorship one deity; alignment within one step of deityGain a +3 bonus on one save each dayComplete Divine
764DivineTurning SpellAbility to turn undead; ability to cast divine spellsExpend a turning attempt while casting a spell to attempt to turn the target of the spellTestament
765DivineVia NegativaAbility to rebuke undeadSpend rebuke attempt to deal extra damage with an inflict spellChampions of Ruin
766DivineWholesome FareAbility to cast remove disease as a spell-like abilitySpend a remove use to gain purify food and drink ability for five times in the next 24 hours.Dragon #337
767ExaltedAnimal FriendCha 15; wild empathy class featureGain +4 exalted bonus on wild empathy checksBook of Exalted Deeds
768ExaltedCelestial FamiliarAbility to acquire a new familiar; minimum level requirementAdditional familiar choicesBook of Exalted Deeds
769ExaltedCelestial MountPaladin 4th levelMount gains celestial creature templateBook of Exalted Deeds
770ExaltedConsecrate Spell TriggerCraft Wand OR Craft Staff; ability to turn undeadUse turning ability to add good descriptor to triggered spellBook of Exalted Deeds
771ExaltedDefender of the HomelandWis 13; any good alignmentGain +1 sacred bonus to AC and immunity to fear while in your homelandChampions of Valor
772ExaltedExalted CompanionAbility to acquire a new companion; minimum level requirementAdditional animal companion choicesBook of Exalted Deeds
773ExaltedExalted SmiteSmite evil class abilityWeapon good aligned when smiting evilBook of Exalted Deeds
774ExaltedExalted Spell ResistanceCha 15; spell resistanceGain +4 to spell resistance against evil spells and spell-like abilities of evil outsidersBook of Exalted Deeds
775ExaltedExalted TurningAbility to turn undeadExtra 3d6 points of damage when turningBook of Exalted Deeds
776ExaltedFavored of the Companions~Gain +1 luck bonus on any one roll or checkBook of Exalted Deeds
777ExaltedFist of the Heavens [1]Wis 15; Sanctify Ki Strike; Stunning FistGain +2 to Stunning Fist DCBook of Exalted Deeds
778ExaltedGift of Discernment~Duplicates the knowledge provided by a Phylactery of FaithfulnessPlayers Guide to Faerun
779ExaltedGift of FaithWis 13Gain +2 bonus on saving throws to resist fear and despair effectsBook of Exalted Deeds
780ExaltedGift of GraceDivine grace class abilityShare Cha saving throw bonusBook of Exalted Deeds
781ExaltedHands of a HealerCha 13; Lay on Hands class abilityGain +2 bonus to Charisma for lay on hands abilityBook of Exalted Deeds
782ExaltedHoly Ki StrikeCha 15; Improved Unarmed Strike; Ki strike (holy); Sanctify Ki strikeGain +2d6 bonus on damage rolls against evil creaturesBook of Exalted Deeds
783ExaltedHoly RadianceCha 15; Nimbus of LightGlow with light harmful to undeadBook of Exalted Deeds
784ExaltedHoly Subdual [1]Subduing StrikeTransform bonus and smite damage to nonlethalBook of Exalted Deeds
785ExaltedIntuitive Attack [1]BAB +1Use Wis modifier instead of Str modifier on attack with simple or natural weaponsBook of Exalted Deeds
786ExaltedKnight of Stars~Gain +1 luck bonus on any one roll or checkBook of Exalted Deeds
787ExaltedNemesis [2]Favored enemy class abilityDetect presence of favored enemyBook of Exalted Deeds
788ExaltedNimbus of Light~Gain +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Sense Motive with good creaturesBook of Exalted Deeds
789ExaltedNymph's Kiss~Gain +2 bonus on Cha related checks; +1 bonus to saving throws against spells; 1 extra skill point per levelBook of Exalted Deeds
790ExaltedPurify Spell TriggerCraft Wand OR Craft Staff; ability to turn undeadUse turning ability to add good descriptor to triggered spell; neutral creatures take half damage; good creatures take no damageBook of Exalted Deeds
791ExaltedQuell the ProfaneStr 13; Power Attack; Resounding Blow; BAB +8Potential Str damage to evil creature on critical hitBook of Exalted Deeds
792ExaltedRanged Smite EvilSmite evil class abilitySmite evil with ranged attackBook of Exalted Deeds
793ExaltedRighteous WrathRage class abilityPotential shaken effect against evil creaturesBook of Exalted Deeds
794ExaltedSacred StrikeSneak attack class abilitySneak attacks deal d8's against evil targetsBook of Exalted Deeds
795ExaltedSacred Vow~Gain +2 perfection bonus to Diplomacy checksBook of Exalted Deeds
796ExaltedSanctify Ki StrikeCha 15; Improved Unarmed Strike; Sanctify Ki strike (lawful)Gain +1 or +1d4 bonus on unarmed damage rolls against evil creaturesBook of Exalted Deeds
797ExaltedSanctify Martial StrikeCha 15; Weapon Focus with the specified weaponGain +1 or +1d4 bonus on weapon damage rolls against evil creaturesBook of Exalted Deeds
798ExaltedSanctify Natural StrikeOne or more natural weapon attacks; BAB +5Gain +1 or +1d4 bonus on natural attack damage rolls against evil creaturesBook of Exalted Deeds
799ExaltedSanctify WeaponAbility to cast align weaponAligned weapon becomes sanctifiedBook of Exalted Deeds
800ExaltedServant of the Heavens~Gain +1 luck bonus on any one roll or checkBook of Exalted Deeds
801ExaltedStigmataNimbus of LightHeal others' wounds by taking Con damageBook of Exalted Deeds
802ExaltedTouch of Golden IceCon 13Evil creatures touched ravaged by golden iceBook of Exalted Deeds
803ExaltedVow of AbstinenceSacred VowGain +4 perfection bonus on Fortitude saves against poisons and drugsBook of Exalted Deeds
804ExaltedVow of ChastitySacred VowGain +4 perfection bonus on Willpower saves against charms and phantasmsBook of Exalted Deeds
805ExaltedVow of NonviolenceSacred VowGain +4 bonus on save DC's of nondamaging spellsBook of Exalted Deeds
806ExaltedVow of ObedienceSacred VowGain +4 perfection bonus on Willpower saves against compulsionsBook of Exalted Deeds
807ExaltedVow of PeaceSacred Vow; Vow of NonviolenceCalming Aura; +6 varied bonus to ACBook of Exalted Deeds
808ExaltedVow of PovertySacred VowBonuses to AC; ability scores; and savesBook of Exalted Deeds
809ExaltedVow of PuritySacred VowGain +4 perfection bonus on Fortitude saves against disease and death effectsBook of Exalted Deeds
810Item CreationAncestral RelicAny good alignment; character level 3rdCreate personal magic itemBook of Exalted Deeds
811Item CreationArcane Focus Item [4]Craft Wondrous Item; any metamagic feat; arcane caster level 3rdItem allows you to spontaneously use metamagicDragon #358
812Item CreationAttune Gem [4]Int 13; Craft (gemcutting) 1 rank; arcane spellcaster level 3rdStore spells in gemsMagic of Faerun
813Item CreationBrew Potion [4]Caster level 3rdCreate Magic PotionV3.5 Players Handbook
814Item CreationChameleon CraftingAbility to cast 1st level spells; ability to manifest 1st level powers; any one item creation featYou can place spells and powers into items you create;Dragon #349
815Item CreationCraft Cognizance Crystal [4]Manifester level 3rdCreate cognizance crystalsExpanded Psionic Handbook
816Item CreationCraft Construct [4]Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Craft Wondrous ItemsCreate ConstructsV3.5 Monster Manual
817Item CreationCraft Contingent Spell [4]Caster level 11thCreate a contingent spellUnapproachable East
818Item CreationCraft Dorje [4]Manifester level 5thCreate dorjesExpanded Psionic Handbook
819Item CreationCraft Magic Arms and Armor [4]Caster level 5thCreate Magic Armor; Weapons; and ShieldsV3.5 Players Handbook
820Item CreationCraft Psicrown [4]Manifester level 12thCreate psicrownsExpanded Psionic Handbook
821Item CreationCraft Psionic Arms and Armor [4]Manifester level 5thCreate psionic arms and armorExpanded Psionic Handbook
822Item CreationCraft Psionic Construct [4]Craft Psionic Arms and Armor; Craft Universal ItemCreate psionic constructsExpanded Psionic Handbook
823Item CreationCraft Rod [4]Caster level 9thCreate Magic RodsV3.5 Players Handbook
824Item CreationCraft Rune Circle [4]Caster level 5thCreate Rune CirclesRaces of Stone
825Item CreationCraft Staff [4]Caster level 12thCreate Magic StavesV3.5 Players Handbook
826Item CreationCraft Universal ItemManifester level 3rdCreate psionic itemExpanded Psionic Handbook
827Item CreationCraft Wand [4]Caster level 5thCreate Magic WandsV3.5 Players Handbook
828Item CreationCraft Wondrous Item [4]Caster level 3rdCreate Magic Wondrous ItemsV3.5 Players Handbook
829Item CreationEnchant StaffCaster level 5th; Craft StaffImbue staff will spell you can castDragon #338
830Item CreationForge Ring [4]Caster level 12thCreate Magic RingsV3.5 Players Handbook
831Item CreationImbue Defense ItemCaster level 1st; Craft StaffWhen casting defensively; add your Wisdom modifier to ACDragon #338
832Item CreationImbued StrengthCaster level 3rd; Craft StaffWhen attacking with the staff; add your Wisdom modifier to damageDragon #338
833Item CreationImprint StoneManifester level 1stCreate Power stonesExpanded Psionic Handbook
834Item CreationInvest SpellCaster level 9th; Craft StaffLose spell you can currently cast to place it permanently in the staffDragon #338
835Item CreationRecharge StaffCaster level 12th; Craft StaffExpend unused spell slots to add charges to the staffDragon #338
836Item CreationSanctify RelicAny other item creation feat; caster level 7thMake magic items with a divine connectionComplete Divine
837Item CreationScribe Scroll [4]Caster level 1stCreate Magic ScrollsV3.5 Players Handbook
838Item CreationScribe Tattoo [4]Manifester level 3rdCreate psionic tattoosExpanded Psionic Handbook
839MetaMagicBlistering Spell~Fire spells cause -2 penalty for 1 turn on failed savePlayers Handbook II
840MetaMagicChain SpellAny metamagic featRedirect spells to effect secondary targetsComplete Arcane
841MetaMagicCoersive Spell~Creatures damaged by spell take a -2 penalty on Willpower savesDrow of the Underdark
842MetaMagicConsecrate SpellAny good alignmentSpell gains the good descriptorComplete Divine
843MetaMagicCooperative SpellAny metamagic featBonus to save DC and caster level checks of spells cast in conjunction with other castersComplete Arcane
844MetaMagicCorrupt SpellAny evil alignmentAdds evil descriptor to spells cast; half of any damage dealt is evilComplete Divine
845MetaMagicDeafening Spell~Creatures damaged by spell are deafened for 1 roundDrow of the Underdark
846MetaMagicDeceptive Magic~Disguise spell originCityscape
847MetaMagicDelay SpellAny metamagic featSpell effects are delayed 1-5 roundsComplete Arcane
848MetaMagicDisruptive Spell~Your spell interferes with the spellcasting of an enemyFiendish Codex II
849MetaMagicEarthbound Spell~Cast spell into ground as trapPlayers Handbook II
850MetaMagicEasy MetamagicAny other metamagic featLower the spell slot for one metamagic feat by one levelDragon #325
851MetaMagicEmpower Spell~Increase spell's variable numeric effects by 50%V3.5 Players Handbook
852MetaMagicEnergize SpellNonevil; no ability to rebuke undeadDeal 50% extra damage to undeadLibris Mortis
853MetaMagicEnergy Admixture [2]Energy SubstitutionDouble energy spell damage by adding an additional energy typeComplete Arcane
854MetaMagicEnergy AffinityKnowledge (Arcana) 5 ranks; ability to cast a fire-; acid-; cold-; and electricity-based spell.Change the energy type of a spellV3.5 Players Handbook
855MetaMagicEnergy SubstitutionAny other metamagic feat; Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranksModify a spell to use a different type of energyComplete Arcane
856MetaMagicEnervate SpellNongood; no ability to turn undeadDeal 50% extra damage to living creaturesLibris Mortis
857MetaMagicEnlarge Spell~Double spell's rangeV3.5 Players Handbook
858MetaMagicEntangling Spell~Spell entangles targets for one roundChampions of Ruin
859MetaMagicExplosive Spell~Spells that cause a reflex save push targets out of spell's areaComplete Arcane
860MetaMagicExtend Spell~Double spell's durationV3.5 Players Handbook
861MetaMagicFell Animate~Creatures slain by the spell rise as zombiesLibris Mortis
862MetaMagicFell Drain~Creatures hurt by the spell gain a negative levelLibris Mortis
863MetaMagicFell Frighten~Creatures damaged by the spell are also shakenLibris Mortis
864MetaMagicFell Weaken~Creatures damaged by the spell also take -4 StrLibris Mortis
865MetaMagicFiery Spell~Gain +1 point of damage per die for fire spellsSandstorm
866MetaMagicFlash Frost Spell~Cold spell coat area of effect with slippery icePlayers Handbook II
867MetaMagicForceful Spell~Can cause targets to be stunned and knocked proneDragon #358
868MetaMagicFortify Spell~Cast spell at higher level for defeating spell resistanceComplete Arcane
869MetaMagicHeighten Spell~Cast spells as higher levelV3.5 Players Handbook
870MetaMagicImbued SummoningAugment Summoning; Spell Focus (conjuration)Summoned creature arrives with beneficial spellPlayers Handbook II
871MetaMagicInnate Spell [2]Silent Spell; Still SpellUse one spell 3/day as a spell-like abilityPlayers Guide to Faerun
872MetaMagicInvisible SpellAny metamagic featMake spell effects invisibleCityscape
873MetaMagicLingering Spell~Spell deals 1d6 damage of the same energy type for 1 extra roundChampions of Ruin
874MetaMagicMaximize Spell~maximize spell's variable numeric effectsV3.5 Players Handbook
875MetaMagicNonlethal SubstitutionAny other metamagic feat; Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranksTransform spell's energy damage to nonlethalComplete Arcane
876MetaMagicPersistent SpellExtend SpellFixed or personal range spells last 24 hoursComplete Arcane
877MetaMagicPiercing Cold~Cold spells can damage creatures which are resistant or immune to coldFrostburn
878MetaMagicPoison Spell~Add poison to a melee touch attack spell as if it were a weaponDrow of the Underdark
879MetaMagicPurify SpellAny good alignmentAdds good descriptor to spell; neutral creature takes half damage; good creature takes no damage.Book of Exalted Deeds
880MetaMagicQuicken Spell~Cast spells as free actionV3.5 Players Handbook
881MetaMagicRapid Spell~Decrease casting time of some spellsComplete Divine
882MetaMagicReach Spell~Cast touch spells at a range of 30 feetComplete Divine
883MetaMagicReaping Spell~Target killed by spell cannot be brought back from the deadChampions of Ruin
884MetaMagicRepeat SpellAny metamagic featSpell is automatically cast again next roundComplete Arcane
885MetaMagicSacred Spell~Half of damage dealt from spell is good.Faiths and Pantheons
886MetaMagicSanctum SpellAny metamagic featSpell's effective level is increased while in a specific location; decreased outside of specific locationComplete Arcane
887MetaMagicSculpt SpellAny metamagic featAlter spell's areaCityscape
888MetaMagicSearing Spell~Your fire spells deal damage to fire resistant creatures.Sandstorm
889MetaMagicSelective SpellAny other metamagic featExclude single creature from an area spellShining South
890MetaMagicSilent Spell~Cast spells without verbal componentsV3.5 Players Handbook
891MetaMagicSlimy Spell~Targets can be covered in slimeDragon #358
892MetaMagicSmiting SpellBAB +1; caster level 1stYou can channel the energy of a touch spell into a weapon; causing the spell to discharge when you strike an opponent.Players Handbook II
893MetaMagicSpiderfriend Magic~Your spells don't affect vermin alliesDrow of the Underdark
894MetaMagicSplit RayAny metamagic featRay spells affect an additional targetComplete Arcane
895MetaMagicStill Spell~Cast spells without somatic componentsV3.5 Players Handbook
896MetaMagicSudden EmpowerAny metamagic feat1/day empower spell without preparationComplete Arcane
897MetaMagicSudden Energy AffinityEnergy Affinity1/day substitute energy without preparationMiniatures Handbook
898MetaMagicSudden Enlarge~1/day enlarge spell without preparationMiniatures Handbook
899MetaMagicSudden Extend~1/day extend spell without preparationComplete Arcane
900MetaMagicSudden MaximizeAny metamagic feat1/day maximize spell without preparationComplete Arcane
901MetaMagicSudden QuickenQuicken Spell; Sudden Empower; Sudden Extend; Sudden Maximize; Sudden Silent; Sudden Still1/day quicken spell without preparationComplete Arcane
902MetaMagicSudden Silent~1/day silent spell without preparationComplete Arcane
903MetaMagicSudden Still~1/day still spell without preparationComplete Arcane
904MetaMagicSudden Widen~1/day widen spell without preparationComplete Arcane
905MetaMagicTransdimentional Spell~Full effects on extra planar creaturesComplete Arcane
906MetaMagicTwin SpellAny metamagic featSimultaneously cast a single spell twiceComplete Arcane
907MetaMagicUmbral Spell~Spell gains darkness descriptorDrow of the Underdark
908MetaMagicViolate SpellAny evil alignmentAdds evil descriptor to spells cast; half of any damage dealt is vileBook of Vile Darkness
909MetaMagicWiden Spell~Double spell's area of effectV3.5 Players Handbook
910MetaMagicWounding SpellKnowledge (Arcana) 4 ranks; Empower SpellInflict a bleeding wound with any damage dealing spellLost Empires of Faerun
911MetaPsionicBurrowing Power [5]~Bypass barrier with powerExpanded Psionics Handbook
912MetaPsionicChain Power [5]~Choose additional targets with powerExpanded Psionics Handbook
913MetaPsionicDelay Power [5]~Delay effect of power up to 5 roundsExpanded Psionics Handbook
914MetaPsionicEmpower Power [5]~Increase power's variable effects by up to 50%Expanded Psionics Handbook
915MetaPsionicEnlarge Power [5]~Double Power's rangeExpanded Psionics Handbook
916MetaPsionicExtend Power [5]~Double power's durationExpanded Psionics Handbook
917MetaPsionicKnockdown Power [5]~Power knocks target proneComplete Psion
918MetaPsionicLinked Power [5]~Manifest a power; linked power goes off next roundComplete Psion
919MetaPsionicMaximize Power [5]~Maximize power's variableExpanded Psionics Handbook
920MetaPsionicMetapowerAble to manifest psionic powers; any other metapsionic featPermanently improve a psionic powerComplete Psion
921MetaPsionicOpportunity Power [5]~Make attacks of opportunity with touch powersExpanded Psionics Handbook
922MetaPsionicParaelemental Power [5]Privileged EnergyGain paraelemental choices when manifesting your chosen energy powerComplete Psion
923MetaPsionicPhrenic Blast [5]~Stun creature when you attack them with a phrenic blastDragon #316
924MetaPsionicPhrenic Leech [5]~Drain power points from a creature you effect with a phrenic leeching powerComplete Psion
925MetaPsionicQuicken Power [5]~Manifest powers as a free actionExpanded Psionics Handbook
926MetaPsionicSplit Psionic Ray [5]Any metapsionic featSplit one ray attack into twoExpanded Psionics Handbook
927MetaPsionicTransdimentional Power [5]~Manifest powers that affect targets in coexistent planes and extradimensional spacesComplete Psion
928MetaPsionicTwin Power [5]~Manifest power twiceExpanded Psionics Handbook
929MetaPsionicUnconditional Power [5]~Manifest power despite character conditionExpanded Psionics Handbook
930MetaPsionicWiden Power [5]~Double power's areaExpanded Psionics Handbook
931MonstrousBarbed StingerSting AttackGain Improved Grab with your stingSerpent Kingdoms
932MonstrousBaleful MoanUndead type; Incorporeal subtype; Daunting PresenceEmit a terrifying moanLibris Mortis
933MonstrousBonus BreathBreath weapon with limited number of uses per dayUse breath weapon one additional time per daySavage Species
934MonstrousContagious ParalysisParalysis extraordinary or supernatural abilityParalysis spread to those who touch targetLibris Mortis
935MonstrousDeadly PoisonCon 19; poison attack; Virulent PoisonDouble the secondary damage of your poisonSavage Species
936MonstrousDeadly SpittleSpit Venom OR spit attack OR spittle attackYou can spray your spit in a 15-foot coneSerpent Kingdoms
937MonstrousDeath MasterCha 13; undead type; Daunting Presence; BAB +1On your critical hit; target is also shakenLibris Mortis
938MonstrousDetachCon 19; RegenerationUse part of your body as a ranged weaponSavage Species
939MonstrousDust CloudDex 19; Int 19; Combat Reflexes; Huge size or larger; wings or tailCreate a disrupting cloud of dustSavage Species
940MonstrousEmpower Spell-Like Ability [2]Spell-Like ability caster level 4thEmpower a spell-like ability three times per daySavage Species
941MonstrousEmpowered Ability DamageCha 11; undead type; incorporeal subtype; supernatural ability to drain or damage an ability scoreIncrease variable effects of ability damage or ability drainLibris Mortis
942MonstrousEvisceratorCha 13; undead type; Daunting Presence; BAB +1; Death Master; Improved CriticalOn your critical hit; foes and its allies are shakenLibris Mortis
943MonstrousExtended ReachWis 13; nonhumanoid or nonhumanlike formAdd 5 feet to your reachSavage Species
944MonstrousExtra Item SpaceMultiple limbs or headsYou may wear one additional magic itemSavage Species
945MonstrousFinal StrikeAcid; air; cold; earth; electricity; fire; or water subtypeWhen you die; your body explodesSavage Species
946MonstrousGhostly GraspCha 15; incorporeal subtypeUse corporeal itemsLibris Mortis
947MonstrousGreater Mighty RoarAnimal or magical beast; Larger or bigger size; Mighty RoarPanic opponents with a roarSavage Species
948MonstrousGreater MultigrabStr 19; Dex 15; Improved Grab; MultigrabNo penalty for maintaining a hold with the body part with which you grappledSavage Species
949MonstrousGreater Multiweapon Fighting [1]Dex 19; three hands; BAB+15; Multidexterity; Multiweapon Fighting; Improved Multiweapon FightingThird extra attack at a -10 penaltySavage Species
950MonstrousImproved Energy DrainCha 15; energy drain supernatural abilityDraw extra power from energy drained victimsLibris Mortis
951MonstrousImproved Multiattack [1]Multiattack; three or more natural weaponsThe penalty for secondary natural attacks does not applySavage Species
952MonstrousImproved Multiweapon Fighting [1]Dex 15; three hands; BAB+9; Multidexterity; Multiweapon FightingSecond extra attack at -5 penaltySavage Species
953MonstrousImproved ParalysisUndead type; paralysis extraordinary abilityGain +4 DC to paralysis abilityLibris Mortis
954MonstrousImproved RapidstrikeDex 9; one or more pairs of natural weapons; BAB +15; RapidstrikeMake multiple extra natural weapon attacks at a -5 penaltyDraconomicon
955MonstrousImproved SnatchSnatchUse snatch against bigger targetsDraconomicon
956MonstrousImproved SpitSpit Venom OR spit attack OR spittle attack; Precise ShotDouble the range of your spit attackSerpent Kingdoms
957MonstrousImproved Turn ResistanceUndead creature typeYou are less easily effected by turningSavage Species
958MonstrousImproved WebCreates webs as an extraordinary ability at least twice a dayAdd 2 to the DC to escape your websSavage Species
959MonstrousIrresistible GazeGaze AttackAdd 2 to the DC of saving throws against your gaze attackSavage Species
960MonstrousLife DrainCha 13; energy drain supernatural abilityNegative levels you bestow deal; gain more hpLibris Mortis
961MonstrousLifebondCha 11; undead typeBond with chosen living creature to gain benefitsLibris Mortis
962MonstrousLifesenseCha 13; no Constitution scoreLiving creatures provide illuminationLibris Mortis
963MonstrousMighty RoarAnimal or magical beast; Larger or bigger sizeShake opponents with a roarSavage Species
964MonstrousMultigrabStr 17; Improved GrabPenalty for maintaining a hold with the body part with which you grappled is reduced to -10Savage Species
965MonstrousMultisnatchStr 17; SnatchPenalty to maintain hold lessens to -10Draconomicon
966MonstrousMultitasking [4]Dex 15; Int 15; Improved Two-Weapon Fighting; Multiattack; Two-Weapon FightingEach arm can perform a distinct actionSavage Species
967MonstrousMultivoice [4]Dex 15; Int 15; Improved Two-Weapon Fighting; Multiattack; Two-Weapon Fighting; Two or more heads; Quicken SpellYou can cast one additional spell each roundSavage Species
968MonstrousNarrowed Gaze [4]Int 13; gaze attackLimit the target of your gazeSavage Species
969MonstrousNecrotic ReserveCha 13; supernatural ability to drain or damage and ability score or drain energyDrain abilities or levels to survive below 0 hit pointsLibris Mortis
970MonstrousOvercome WeaknessEnergy vulnerability; Iron Will; Suppress WeaknessRemove vulnerability to energy typeDraconomicon
971MonstrousPervasive Gaze [4]Int 13; gaze attackTarget averting eyes only gains 25% chance to avoid gazeSavage Species
972MonstrousPiercing GazeCha 15; Int 13; gaze attack; Irresistible GazeAdd 30 feet to the range of your gaze attackSavage Species
973MonstrousPoison ImmunityPoison as an extraordinary ability; Poison ResistanceImmune to poisonSavage Species
974MonstrousPoison ResistancePoison as an extraordinary abilityGain +2 or +4 bonus to poison saving throwsSavage Species
975MonstrousPositive Energy ResistanceUndead typeResistance 10 to positive energy effectsLibris Mortis
976MonstrousPrehensile TailStr 13; tail attack; Two-weapon FightingUse your tail as an extra handSavage Species
977MonstrousQuicken ManifestationAbility to manifest from the Ethereal Plane to the Material PlaneManifest from Ethereal Plane as free actionLibris Mortis
978MonstrousRapid BreathBreath weapon; Quicken Spell or Spell-Like AbilityReduce time between breath attacks by 1 roundSavage Species
979MonstrousRapidstrikeDex 9; one or more pairs of natural weapons; BAB +10Make one extra natural weapon attack at a -5 penaltyDraconomicon
980MonstrousRendTwo claw attacks; Str 12; Snatch; Power AttackDeal extra damage on claw attacksDraconomicon
981MonstrousRending ConstrictionStr 19; Dex 15; Improved Grab; Multigrab; Two constricting members; Greater Multigrab; constrict abilityMake an additional rend attack in a roundSavage Species
982MonstrousSnatch [1]Huge size or largerGrab and Hold smaller opponentsDraconomicon
983MonstrousSpell DrainCha 15; energy drain supernatural ability; Improved Energy Drain; Caster level 5thGain spells lost by the negative levels you bestowLibris Mortis
984MonstrousSuppress WeaknessEnergy vulnerability; Iron WillLessen vulnerability to energy typeDraconomicon
985MonstrousSurrogate SpellcastingWis 13; nonhumanoid or nonhumanlike formSubstitute vocalizations and gestures for verbal and somatic componentsSavage Species
986MonstrousTail Sweep KnockdownTail sweep attackTail sweep knocks opponents proneDraconomicon
987MonstrousThick-SkinnedDamage ReductionIncrease your damage reduction by 2Savage Species
988MonstrousVirulent PoisonPoison attack as an extraordinary abilityAdd 2 to the DC of your poisonSavage Species
989MonstrousWhirlwind Tail SweepTail sweep attackTail sweep effects full circle not semicircleDraconomicon
990MonstrousWingstormStr 13; fly speed 20 feet or more; Large size or bigger; Hover; Power AttackCreate a disrupting wind stormSavage Species
991PsionicAligned Attack [5]BAB +6Attack gains alignment and +1d6 damageExpanded Psionics Handbook
992PsionicBody FuelOverchannel; TalentedTake ability burn to gain power pointsExpanded Psionics Handbook
993PsionicBoost Construct~Astral Construct gains additional abilityExpanded Psionics Handbook
994PsionicCombat Manifestation~Gain +4 bonus on Concentration checks for defensive manifestingExpanded Psionics Handbook
995PsionicDazzling EnergyAbility to manifest Energy Missile; Privileged EnergyDazzle foe with your privileged energyComplete Psion
996PsionicDeep Impact [5]Str 13; Psionic Weapon; BAB +5Resolve melee attack as touch attackExpanded Psionics Handbook
997PsionicDeep VisionDarkvisionDarkvision increases while focusedRaces of Stone
998PsionicDeflective ArmorHeavy Armor OptimizationProtects against touch attack while focusedRaces of Stone
999PsionicEarth PowerEarth SensePay 1 less power point to manifest power while you stand on stone or earthRaces of Stone
1000PsionicEctopic Form; Agile LoperKnow Astral ConstructConstruct Becomes quicker and more agileComplete Psion
1001PsionicEctopic Form; Alabaster AerialKnow Astral ConstructConstruct can flyComplete Psion
1002PsionicEctopic Form; Amber TunnelerKnow Astral ConstructConstruct can burrowComplete Psion
1003PsionicEctopic Form; Anathemic CarapaceAny entopic form; Know Astral ConstructConstruct deals 1d6 +1d6 per HD when destroyedComplete Psion
1004PsionicEctopic Form; Astral AquanKnow Astral ConstructConstruct can swimComplete Psion
1005PsionicEctopic Form; Ebony StingerAny entopic form; Know Astral ConstructConstruct attacks are piercing and deal 1 point of Con damageComplete Psion
1006PsionicEctopic Form; Emerald GyreKnow Astral ConstructConstruct gains improved grabComplete Psion
1007PsionicEctopic Form; Iridescent SerpentKnow Astral ConstructConstruct gains energy resistance 10 to 1 energy typeComplete Psion
1008PsionicElemental EnvoyKnowledge (the planes) 1 rank; Psicrystal AffinityGain an elemental steward instead of a psicrystalComplete Psion
1009PsionicEnergize ArmorInvest ArmorPsychic energy grants you resistance 10 against next energy attackComplete Psion
1010PsionicEnvoy CognizanceKnowledge (the planes) 1 rank; Psicrystal Affinity; Elemental EnvoyElemental Steward enhances your energy powersComplete Psion
1011PsionicExpanded Knowledge [4]Manifester level 3rdAdd one new power to powers knownExpanded Psionics Handbook
1012PsionicFell Shot [5]Dex 13; Point Blank Shot; Psionic Shot; BAB +5Resolve ranged attack as touch attackExpanded Psionics Handbook
1013PsionicFocused PerceptionBlind-FightGain blindsight 60 feet for one roundComplete Psion
1014PsionicFocused ShieldShield ProficiencyGain +1 bonus to shield while focusedComplete Psion
1015PsionicFocused Skill User~Gain a +2 bonus in three skills when psionically focusedComplete Psion
1016PsionicFocused Sunder [5]Str 13; Power Attack; Improved SunderIgnore 1/2 hardness of foe's weaponExpanded Psionics Handbook
1017PsionicGhost Attack [7]BAB +3Ignore incorporeal miss chance on critical hitsExpanded Psionics Handbook
1018PsionicGreater Ghost Attack [7]BAB +3; Ghost AttackAll successful melee or ranged attacks are treated as if made by a ghost touch weapon for effecting incorporeal creaturesDragon #316
1019PsionicGreater Power Penetration [5]Power PenetrationGain +8 bonus to defeat power resistanceExpanded Psionics Handbook
1020PsionicGreater Power SpecializationWeapon Focus (ray); manifester level 12th; Power SpecializationGain +4 damage to damaging powersExpanded Psionics Handbook
1021PsionicGreater Psionic EndowmentPsionic EndowmentAdd +2 to power's save DCExpanded Psionics Handbook
1022PsionicGreater Psionic Fist [5]Str 13; Psionic FistUnarmed attack or natural weapon deals +4d6 points of damageExpanded Psionics Handbook
1023PsionicGreater Psionic Shot [5]Point Blank Shot; Psionic ShotRanged Weapon deal +4d6 damageExpanded Psionics Handbook
1024PsionicGreater Psionic Weapon [5]Str 13; Psionic Weapon; BAB +5Melee Weapon deals +4d6 damageExpanded Psionics Handbook
1025PsionicImproved PsicrystalPsicrystal AffinityEnhance your psicrystalExpanded Psionics Handbook
1026PsionicInquisitor [5]Wis 13Gain +10 bonus on sense motive to oppose BluffExpanded Psionics Handbook
1027PsionicInstinctive Consummator [7]BAB +3; Instinctive DispatcherExpend focus to automatically succeed on a critical threatComplete Psion
1028PsionicInstinctive Dispatcher [7]BAB +3Free Coup de Grace when you reduce a target to negative hit pointsDragon #316
1029PsionicInvest ArmorProficient with armorExpend focus to increase armor bonus by 3Complete Psion
1030PsionicMental JuggernautAbility to gain psionic focusGain a bonus to saves against stun or daze effectsComplete Psion
1031PsionicMental Leap [5]Str 13; Jump 5 ranksGain +10 bonus on Jump checksExpanded Psionics Handbook
1032PsionicMetamorphic TransferWis 13; manifester level 5thAssume one supernatural ability of alternate formExpanded Psionics Handbook
1033PsionicNarrow MindWis 13Gain +4 bonus on Concentration checks to become focusedExpanded Psionics Handbook
1034PsionicOverchannel~Take damage to increase your manifester levelExpanded Psionics Handbook
1035PsionicPower Penetration [5]~Gain +4 bonus to defeat power resistanceExpanded Psionics Handbook
1036PsionicPower SpecializationWeapon Focus (ray); manifester level 4thGain +2 damage to damaging powersExpanded Psionics Handbook
1037PsionicPracticed ManifesterPsicraft 4 ranksManifester level increases by 4 (up to your HD)Complete Psion
1038PsionicPrivileged EnergyAbility to manifest Energy MissileDeal +1 damage per die with chosen energyComplete Psion
1039PsionicPsicrystal AffinityManifester level 1stObtain a psicrystalExpanded Psionics Handbook
1040PsionicPsicrystal ContainmentPsicrystal Affinity; manifester level 3rdYour psicrystal can hold psionic focusExpanded Psionics Handbook
1041PsionicPsionic Body~Gain +2 hit points for each psionic feat you haveExpanded Psionics Handbook
1042PsionicPsionic Charge [5]Wis 13; Speed of ThoughtCharge while taking erratic course to foeExpanded Psionics Handbook
1043PsionicPsionic Dodge [7]Dex 13; DodgeGain +1 dodge bonus to ACExpanded Psionics Handbook
1044PsionicPsionic Endowment~Add +1 to power's save DCExpanded Psionics Handbook
1045PsionicPsionic Feedback [7]Knowledge (psionics) 8 ranks; PsymbiotGain bonuses after a creatures within 30 feet succeeds in a psionic saving throwDragon #316
1046PsionicPsionic Fist [5]Str 13Unarmed attack or natural weapon deals +2d6 points of damageExpanded Psionics Handbook
1047PsionicPsionic MeditationWis 13; Concentration 7 ranksBecome psionically focused as a move actionExpanded Psionics Handbook
1048PsionicPsionic Shot [5]Point Blank ShotRanged Weapon deal +2d6 damageExpanded Psionics Handbook
1049PsionicPsionic TalentHaving psionic powersGain additional power pointsExpanded Psionics Handbook
1050PsionicPsionic Weapon [5]Str 13Melee Weapon deals +2d6 damageExpanded Psionics Handbook
1051PsionicPsymbiot [7]Knowledge (psionics) 8 ranks; manifester 3rd levelGain bonuses when a psionic creature is within 30 feetComplete Psion
1052PsionicReturn Shot [5]Point Blank Shot; Psionic Shot; BAB +3; Fell ShotDeflect ranged attacks back at attackerExpanded Psionics Handbook
1053PsionicSkin of the ConstructKnow Astral ConstructAbsorb construct aspects you'd otherwise manifestComplete Psion
1054PsionicSpeed of Thought [7]Wis 13Gain +10 feet to speed in light or medium armorExpanded Psionics Handbook
1055PsionicTalented [5]OverchannelTake no damage from overchanneling some powersExpanded Psionics Handbook
1056PsionicUnavoidable Strike [5]Str 13; Psionic Fist; BAB +5Resolve unarmed or natural weapon attack as touch attackExpanded Psionics Handbook
1057PsionicUp the Walls [7]Wis 13Run on Walls and ceilingsExpanded Psionics Handbook
1058PsionicWounding Attack [5]BAB +8Wound opponents with your attackExpanded Psionics Handbook
1059Wild FeatsBestial SpecterDeathWhen in wildshape; gain 20% concealmentKobold #10
1060Wild FeatsBlindsenseListen 4 ranksSpend wild shape use to gain blindsense 30 ft.Complete Adventurer
1061Wild FeatsBoar's Ferocity~Spend wild shape use to fight while at negative hit pointsComplete Divine
1062Wild FeatsCheetah's Speed~Spend wild shape use to increase speed becomes 50 ft. for 1 hourComplete Divine
1063Wild FeatsClimb Like an Ape~Spend wild shape use to gain climb movement modeComplete Adventurer
1064Wild FeatsCougar's VisionSpot 2 ranksSpend wild shape use to gain low light visionComplete Adventurer
1065Wild FeatsEagle's Wings~Spend wild shape use to grow wings for one hourComplete Divine
1066Wild FeatsElephant's HideAbility to shape change into large creatureSpend wild shape use to gain +7 natural AC bonus for one hourComplete Divine
1067Wild FeatsElemental EssenceAny other Wild featDeal energy damage with your attacks and gain resistance to that type of energyComplete Champion
1068Wild FeatsExalted Wild ShapeExalted Character; Class level 8th in class that grants abilityAdditional wild shape optionsBook of Exalted Deeds
1069Wild FeatsExtra Wild Shape~Gain two additional Wild Shape uses per dayComplete Divine
1070Wild FeatsFast Wild Shape~Wild Shape as a move equivalent actionComplete Divine
1071Wild FeatsFrozen Wild ShapeFort Save +6Wild Shape into cold magical beastsFrostburn
1072Wild FeatsGreat and SmallAbility to assume a Large shape using the wild shape abilityGrow or shrink one size categoryComplete Champion
1073Wild FeatsGrizzly's Claws~Spend wild shape use to gain claws for one hourComplete Divine
1074Wild FeatsHawk's VisionSpot 4 ranksSpend wild shape use to gain +8 bonus to Spot checks and to halve increment penaltiesComplete Adventurer
1075Wild FeatsLion's Pounce~Spend wild shape use to use all attacks on a chargeComplete Divine
1076Wild FeatsNatural SpellWis 13Cast spells while in wild shapePlayers Handbook
1077Wild FeatsOaken Resilience~Spend wild shape use to gain plant type benefitsComplete Divine
1078Wild FeatsPrimeval Wild Shape~Wild Shape form gains +2 Str; +2 natural AC; resist cold 10; but only lasts 1 round per levelFrostburn
1079Wild FeatsSavage GrappleSneak AttackDeal Sneak Attack damage while grappling in Wild ShapeComplete Adventurer
1080Wild FeatsScent~Spend wild shape use to gain scentComplete Adventurer
1081Wild FeatsSerpent's Venom~Spend wild shape use to gain a poisonous bite attack for one minuteComplete Divine
1082Wild FeatsStone FormCon 13Spend wild shape use to enter a rock like formRaces of Stone
1083Wild FeatsSwift Wild ShapeDex 13+; Fast Wild ShapeUse Wild Shape as a Swift actionComplete Champion
1084Wild FeatsSwim like a Fish~Spend wild shape use to swim underwater for one hourComplete Divine
1085Wild FeatsVenom's GiftTwo other wild shape feats; ability to assume a plant formImbue your natural attacks with poison for 1 round per levelComplete Champion
1086Wild FeatsWolverine's Rage~Spend wild shape use to enter a rage for 5 roundsComplete Divine
1087VileAbominable FormWilling DeformityGain +2 bonus on Intimidation; creatures with fewer HD must make a Willpower save to avoid being shakenElder Evils
1088VileAbyss-Bound SoulEvil Brand; Thrall to DemonGain +2 against good spell; gain boon from your demon patronHordes of the Abyss
1089VileApostateWis 15; may not have any cleric; ranger; or paladin levelsGain one-half level as bonus against divine spellsElder Evils
1090VileBeloved of DemonsCaster level 6th; Knowledge (Planes) 6 ranks; Evil Brand; Power AttackSlay good or lawful creature and gain temporary hit pointsExemplars of Evil
1091VileBlessing of the GodlessKnowledge (religion) 6 ranksGain warding ritualsExemplars of Evil
1092VileBlood War ConscriptEvil BrandGain +1 to attack roles against good or lawful creaturesHordes of the Abyss
1093VileChosen of EvilCon 13+; any other vile featTake 1 Con damage to add bonus on one attack; saving throw; or check equal to number of vile featsElder Evils
1094VileDark SpeechBas Willpower save +5; Int 15; Cha 15Dark speech empowers spells and persuasionBook of Vile Darkness
1095VileDark WhispersDark SpeechTake 1 Con damage to inspire madness in nearby creaturesElder Evils
1096VileDeformity (Clawed Hands)Willing DeformityDeal 1d6 with hands; always considered armedBook of Vile Darkness
1097VileDeformity (Eyes)Willing DeformitySee invisible for 1 minute per dayBook of Vile Darkness
1098VileDeformity (Face)Willing DeformityGain +2 to Intimidate and +2 to Diplomacy with evil creaturesBook of Vile Darkness
1099VileDeformity (Gaunt)Willing DeformityGain +2 to Dexterity; Escape Artist; and Intimidate but -2 to ConstitutionBook of Vile Darkness
1100VileDeformity (Madness)Willing DeformityTake a -4 penalty to Willpower to gain immunity to mind-affecting spells and abilities; add 1/2 HD to one Will saveElder Evils
1101VileDeformity (Obese)Willing DeformityGain +2 to Constitution; Intimidate; and poison saving throws; but -2 to DexterityBook of Vile Darkness
1102VileDeformity (Parasite)Willing DeformityNegate Disease; poison; and similar effectsElder Evils
1103VileDeformity (Skin)Willing DeformityGain +1 natural armor bonusHeroes of Horror
1104VileDeformity (Tall)Willing Deformity; medium sizeGain reach of 10 feet; -1 penalty to ACHeroes of Horror
1105VileDeformity (Teeth)Willing DeformityGain bite attack; +1 bonus on Intimidate checksHeroes of Horror
1106VileDeformity (Tongue)Willing DeformityGain blindsight 30 feetHeroes of Horror
1107VileDemonic ConduitEvil BrandYour spells gain a +1 DC against good or lawful; gain a +2 against lawful goodHordes of the Abyss
1108VileDemonsworn Knight [1]Thrall to Demon; BAB +4Weapon wielded treated as chaotic and evil for overcoming damage reduction; +1d6 damage to lawful outsidersChampions of Ruin
1109VileDisciple of Darkness~Gain +1 luck bonus to any one roll once per dayBook of Vile Darkness
1110VileEnemy of GoodChosen of Evil; Evil BrandGain +2 to save DC of you spells and spell-like abilities when used against good creaturesElder Evils
1111VileEvil Brand~Gain +2 Diplomacy and Intimidate on evil creaturesBook of Vile Darkness
1112VileEvil EmbracedEvil BrandGain damage reduction 10/good for 1 roundChampions of Ruin
1113VileEvil's BlessingCha 13+Add Charisma bonus to saves for 5 roundsElder Evils
1114VileFilthy OutburstWill save +7; Dark SpeechTake 1d6 Con damage to deafen opponents and make them less resistant to evil spells and abilitiesElder Evils
1115VileHarvester of SoulsBAB+11Coup de Grace attack prevents target from being restored to life; gain temporary hit points (all clerics of Dedestroyt may take this feat)Elder Evils
1116VileHellbound Knight [1]Disciple of Darkness; BAB +4Weapon wielded treated as lawful and evil for overcoming damage reduction; +1 profane bonus on attack rolls against lawful outsidersChampions of Ruin
1117VileHellswornKnowledge (Planar) 9 ranks; Evil Brand; Weapon FocusGain Extraplanar subtype and one infernal abilityExemplars of Evil
1118VileInsane DefianceBase Willpower Save +5Take 1 Wisdom damage to deflect mid-affecting spell or ability to new targetElder Evils
1119VileLichlovedEvil BrandGain +1 saving throws against mind-effecting; poison; sleep; paralysis; stunning; and diseaseBook of Vile Darkness
1120VileMurderous IntentBAB+9; favored enemyFavored enemy you damage must make a Willpower save to avoid being filled with dreadElder Evils
1121VileReflective PsychosisWilling Deformity; Deformity (Madness)Become confused to gain DR 5/-Elder Evils
1122VileSacrificial DivinationSacrificial MasterySacrifice creature to see futureDragon #336
1123VileSacrificial MasteryWis 15Gain +4 to Knowledge (religion) checks involving sacrificeBook of Vile Darkness
1124VileSadistic RewardEvilDeal damage to living creature to gain +1 on saves for 1 roundDrow of the Underdark
1125VileScion of SorrowNeutral evilGain +1 luck bonus on an attack roll; skill check; ability check; level; or saving throw 1/dayChampions of Ruin
1126VileThrall to Demon~Gain +1 luck bonus to any one roll once per dayBook of Vile Darkness
1127VileTormented Knight [1]Scion of Sorrow; BAB +4Weapon wielded treated as evil for overcoming damage reduction; successful attack deal 1d4 Cha damage to lawful or chaotic outsidersChampions of Ruin
1128VileUnspeakable Vow~Gain +2 profane bonus on Intimidate checksDrow of the Underdark
1129VileVerminfriendCha 15make a DC20 charisma check to stop vermin from attacking for one dayBook of Vile Darkness
1130VileVile Ki StrikeWis 15; Improved Unarmed StrikeAll unarmed strikes deal an additional 1 point of vile damageBook of Vile Darkness
1131VileVile Martial StrikeCha 15; Weapon FocusDamage done with a specific kind of weapon deals an additional 1 point of damageBook of Vile Darkness
1132VileVile Natural StrikeBAB +5; natural attack that deals at least 1d8 points of damageDamage done with a natural attack deals an additional 1 point of damageBook of Vile Darkness
1133VileVow of DecadenceUnspeakable VowControl effects of drugs; +4 competency bonus on Fortitude saves against ingested poisonDrow of the Underdark
1134VileVow of VengeanceUnspeakable VowGain +2 damage; +4 on critical confirmation rolls against chosen creatureDrow of the Underdark
1135VileWilling Deformity~Gain +2 bonus to intimidate checksBook of Vile Darkness
1136Anti-FeatAligned DevotionAbility to spontaneously cast cure spellsYou cure spells have a lessened effect on those that do not share your alignmentDragon #326
1137Anti-FeatArcane ConundrumCha 10 or lessMay never use spell-like abilities; -2 versus illusionsDragon #328
1138Anti-FeatArcane FatigueAbility to cast arcane spellsMake a fortitude save after every spell cast or become fatiguedDragon #333
1139Anti-FeatArcane ParasitesAbility to cast arcane spellsSpells cast a DC-1Dragon #333
1140Anti-FeatArcane PerformerAbility to cast arcane spells without preparation; Perform 1 rankPerform check DC10+spell level to cast a spellDragon #324
1141Anti-FeatBeady EyesDarkvisionYou have low light vision instead of darkvisionDragon #328
1142Anti-FeatBeastlyWild EmpathyGain -2 penalty on some Charisma based spells; vulnerable to animal spellsDragon #329
1143Anti-FeatBestial Instinct~Gain -2 penalty to attack rolls with anything but unarmed and naturalDragon #324
1144Anti-FeatBlade StalkedDeath caused by a melee or missile weaponAny attack that threatens a critical automatically succeedsKobold #10
1145Anti-FeatBlind RageRage abilityYou may not voluntarily end your rageDragon #325
1146Anti-FeatBrash~Gain -6 penalty to AC against attacks of opportunityDragon #324
1147Anti-FeatBravado~you may not gain AC bonus from dodgeDragon #328
1148Anti-FeatCautious~Skills that require an action take twice as longDragon #328
1149Anti-FeatChivalrous CourtesyGood or lawfulGain -4 penalty to attack rolls that you can tell is the opposite genderDragon #324
1150Anti-FeatCity SlickerSurvival as a class skillGain -4 on all Handle Animal; Knowledge (Nature); and Survival skill checksDragon #324
1151Anti-FeatClaustrophobia~Shaken in enclosed spacesDragon #324
1152Anti-FeatCode of ArmsGood or lawfulGain -4 penalty to attack rolls against an opponent not armed with a melee weapon that has not attacked youDragon #324
1153Anti-FeatCold-Blooded~Take additional damage from fire; automatically fail heat savesDragon #324
1154Anti-FeatCoward~Automatically fail saves versus fear; reduces immunity to fear to a -4 save.Dragon #324
1155Anti-FeatCurious~Suffer a -2 penalty on spot; listen and initiativeDragon #328
1156Anti-FeatDivine GesturesAbility to cast divine spellsYou suffer from spell failure from armorDragon #326
1157Anti-FeatDomain DevotionAccess to domainsYou lose access to one of your deity's domainsDragon #326
1158Anti-FeatExhausting RageRage abilityYour rage makes you exhausted; not fatiguedDragon #325
1159Anti-FeatFoe SpecialistFavored EnemySuffer -1 penalty on rolls not made against favored enemiesDragon #329
1160Anti-FeatFoolBardic musicYou lose your inspire abilitiesDragon #324
1161Anti-FeatForlorn of Men~Shaken when multiple humanoids are nearDragon #324
1162Anti-FeatFrailCon 11 or lessWhenever you fail a fortitude save; you become fatiguedDragon #328
1163Anti-FeatFree SpiritedChaotic alignmentDouble penalties for armor check and double weigh for encumbranceDragon #328
1164Anti-FeatFrivolous PerformerBardic KnowledgeGain -10 penalty to all bardic knowledge checksDragon #324
1165Anti-FeatFussy~Sickened by potions; -4 against ingestedDragon #328
1166Anti-FeatGlory HoundBAB+1Gain -2 penalty to attack rolls until you drop an opponent; does not apply when fighting oneDragon #328
1167Anti-FeatGrave HeldDeathGain 1 less hp per level; -2 penalty to death savesKobold #10
1168Anti-FeatGrudge Keeper~If you are damaged in combat; suffer -2 penalty until you harm the creature that damaged youDragon #328
1169Anti-FeatGullible~Gain -2 penalty to saves against enchantment and charms; -4 penalty to Sense Motive checksDragon #325
1170Anti-FeatHalf Blood OutcastHalf breedSuffer -2 penalty on rolls when in sight of one parent's raceDragon #328
1171Anti-FeatHatredFavored EnemySuffer -4 penalty to rolls when not engaged with a favored enemy when one is in the areaDragon #329
1172Anti-FeatHauntedAbility to cast spellsGain -4 penalty to Listen and Move SilentlyDragon #327
1173Anti-FeatHesitatorDeathA -4 penalty to initiative; -2 penalty to reflex savesKobold #10
1174Anti-FeatHonor of the DuelGood or lawfulSave to attack a creature already engaged in combat; and a -2 penalty to hit if you doDragon #324
1175Anti-FeatHonorable ChallengeLawfulGain -4 penalty on attack rolls against creatures that have not explicitly challenged you or attacked youDragon #324
1176Anti-FeatHot-Blooded~Take additional damage from cold; automatically fail cold savesDragon #324
1177Anti-FeatImplacableBAB+1Suffer -1 penalty if you leave a combatDragon #328
1178Anti-FeatIndividualist~Penalties to wearing armor and using weapons you did not make yourselfDragon #329
1179Anti-FeatInsomniac~DC15 fortitude save to get a good night's restDragon #328
1180Anti-FeatLight SensitivityDarkvisionBright light causes penalties to rollsDragon #328
1181Anti-FeatLiving FaithAbility to turn or rebuke undeadYou lose the ability to turn or rebuke the undeadDragon #326
1182Anti-FeatLonerAbility to summon a familiar or animal companionLose the ability to summon a familiar or animal companionDragon #327
1183Anti-FeatLoudmouth~Gain -4 penalty to all Diplomacy and Move Silently skill checksDragon #324
1184Anti-FeatLove of Nature~DC12 save to attack to attack any natural creatureDragon #324
1185Anti-FeatMagical Fascination~Suffer -2 penalties when in site of visible magical effectsDragon #328
1186Anti-FeatMagical OverlordAbility to cast spellsYou must convert one spell slot of your highest level to a lower level spellDragon #327
1187Anti-FeatMaterial DevotionAccess to domainsYou may only use spell-trigger items that replicate spells from your domainsDragon #326
1188Anti-FeatMetal Intolerance~Take an additional 1 point of damage from metal attacksDragon #324
1189Anti-FeatMethodical Magical MethodsAbility to cast spellsYou are flat-footed in any round you cast spells and may not cast defensivelyDragon #333
1190Anti-FeatMeticulous PerformerBardic musicBardic music abilities take a full round to initiateDragon #324
1191Anti-FeatMounted WarriorRide 1 rankGain -2 penalty to attack rolls while not mountedDragon #324
1192Anti-FeatNecrotic JealousyDeathPenalties when dealing with nonintelligent undeadKobold #10
1193Anti-FeatNo Time for Book Learning~Never gain literacy; -2 penalty on all Knowledge skill checks except NatureDragon #324
1194Anti-FeatPhantom SparksAbility to cast spellsGain -4 penalty to Hide and SpotDragon #327
1195Anti-FeatPonderous SpellcasterAbility to cast spellsIncrease the casting time of your spellsDragon #326
1196Anti-FeatPride of ArmsProficiency in all martial weaponsGain -4 penalty to all attack roles made with anything other than a martial weaponDragon #324
1197Anti-FeatQuick Burning RageRage abilityRage last your constitution modifier onlyDragon #325
1198Anti-FeatRestricted SorceryAbility to cast spells without preparationChoose two schools of magic which you cannot cast (make not select divination)Dragon #327
1199Anti-FeatShort Attention Span~Suffer -1 penalty on all retried skill checks; may never take 20Dragon #328
1200Anti-FeatShort of BreathCon 13 or lessMake a fortitude save whenever you make a strength check to avoid fatigueDragon #333
1201Anti-FeatSkulker~DC15 Willpower save to avoid being shaken in face to face combatDragon #328
1202Anti-FeatSlow HealingCon 13 or lessHealing spells effect you at half caster level; rest regains hp or ability; not bothDragon #328
1203Anti-FeatSlow to AngerRage abilityTakes a full round action to rageDragon #325
1204Anti-FeatSolitary Paragon~No benefit to flanking; but a -4 penalty when you doDragon #324
1205Anti-FeatStubby FingersRacialGain -4 penalty to use light weapons and on some skill checksDragon #328
1206Anti-FeatSuperstitiousInability to cast spellsFrightened whenever in the presence of a magic itemDragon #325
1207Anti-FeatTerrain SpecialistTrack; Wild EmpathyPenalties to rolls when not in home terrainDragon #329
1208Anti-FeatTest Subject~Suffer a -2 penalty on spells from three schoolsDragon #333
1209Anti-FeatTrap BaitDeath caused by a trapTake double damage or suffer a -4 penalty to saves vs. trapsKobold #10
1210Anti-FeatTrivial PerformerBardic musicDC's for your bardic abilities are halved; they do not continue after you stop performingDragon #324
1211Anti-FeatUncontrollable RageRage abilityYou cannot enter a rage voluntarilyDragon #325
1212Anti-FeatWarrior of the Phalanx~Gain -4 penalty to attack rolls when not adjacent to an allyDragon #324
1213Anti-FeatWeapon BoundDevotion to a specific deityYou lose proficiency in all weapons except you deity's favored weaponDragon #326
1214Anti-FeatWildSurvival 1 rankPanic stricken when bound; entangled; etcDragon #329


[1] – May be taken as a fighter feat

[2] – This feat may be taken multiple times.  Its effects do not stack.  Each time this feat is taken, it applies to a new weapon, school of magic, etc

[3] – This feat may be taken multiple times.  Its effects stack.

[4] – May be taken as a Learned Feat (at a cost of 5 skill points)

[5] – Psionic focus must be expended to use this feat

[6] – This feat may not be taken by a character that can use psionic powers

[7] – A character must be psionically focused to use this feat

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