The Rescue: Traveling

The group waits within the tornado for an hour as Cloud prepares new spells, just in case we are attacked again.  After the tornado dissipates, a few in the group search for some of their missing things, which are easily found.  The group then heads to coast to figure out what to do next.  There is some arguing, because of everybody’s drained Charisma, and Cloud decides to try to create an inter-dimensional mansion for everyone to stay in.  After trying to cast the spell for a full minute, several members of the group notice that, above the casting, there seems to be sparkling firework type lights.  This promots a quick flury of debate as to what the lights are.  Some think one of us is being tracked, Oyra thinks it is one of the gods of this planet taking notice of us.  Marcus, reasons out that it is most likely a physical manifestation of the powerful spell attempting to work,  the magic trying to break through whatever barrier that makes spellcasting harder here.  Of course no one listens to him, and, in the end, Cloud just continues to try and cast the spell.  He eventually succeeds, but as he attempts to enter the shelter, there is some sort of barrier that impedes his entrance.  Again, using their massive collective pool of intellect, the group figures that there must be some sort of dimensional lock on this planet that prevents any extra-planar travel.

The group finally decides to relocate to a nearby island off the coast.  Marcus creates another Shelter and the rest of the group decide where they want to sleep for the night.  Some choose the shelter, some choose the boat.  Everyone wakes up rested and they decide to continue on their journey.  Again, after much deliberation, the group decides to use the boat and sail up the coast looking for signs of civilization.  Marcus and Oyra put up the most protest against that course of action, mostly because Oyra is from this place and he says we should head inland.  Again, no one heeds Marcus and they travel up the coast.  Those who can fly do so, those who can’t use the boat, rowing and sailing for about 40 miles as night begins to fall.  they decide to make camp on another island, this one bigger and further out to sea.  The group once again sets up camp the same way, with one shelter and some people sleeping on the boat.  In the middle of the night, a Tsunami crashes into the group, the shelter is destroyed, trapping Marcus, haze, and the dwarf Shando underwater.  The others manage to escape the building, and those who slept on the boat are awoken as it is rocked by the waves.  The group sees a sea giant making its way out of the sea towards them.  Oyra helps Marcus and Haze out of the water, and they use their flying carpet to move away from the tumult.  Shando is not so lucky.  The Tsunami batters him to death.  The others begin attacking the giant as it attacks both them and the ship.  Oyra collects Shandos body, noticing that it feels heavier than it should as he does so.  The group makes good use of spells and items in their attacks against the giant.  After several frantic seconds of fighting the giant falls down.  Everyone is proud of how they defeated their foe when the giant regains consciousness.  The group prepares to reengage the creature when the creature puts up both hands in a surrendering pose.  Willie, Shandos companion, whom no one thought was actually real, won’t have any of that nonsense and plants three arrows into the giant killing it for good.

After the battle, the group collects some magic items off of the giant and brings Shando back from the dead.  After seeing how powerful magic can backfire in this place, everyone else moves far away from Cloud and the body of Shando when the spell is cast.  After the spell works, the immediate area darkens as though a cloud has obscured the sun, though there are no clouds in the sky.  The Taker of Life, known as Dedestroyt on habololy, confronts Cloud and Shando and demands they answer for stealing a soul from him.  Cloud, in what has to be a fluke of wisdom, tells the god that Shando is from habololy and that he is going to take him home.  The god will allow it, but demands that they give him 10 other souls in compensation, after which, the god leaves.


The group makes their way inland (finally).  they travel for the rest of the day and see signs of civilization in the distance.  They decide to camp for the night instead of continuing and Marcus creates more shelters.  In fact, he makes a shell game out of it and creates several shelters spaced far enough away from each other so that no two can be targeted by the same spell.  the group rests in one and wake up in the morning refreshed.  As they go outside, they see that one of the shelters had been dispelled during the night.

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