The Rescue: Beginnings (Part 1: The Background)

This story starts almost two real-time years ago.

In my gaming group, our games are broken up into “Seasons”.  This is for several reasons, the main few of which are that certain people (myself among them) can only play during certain times of the year and having the DM create a story line that spans a longer time can be challenging.  This has lead to the formation of the Spring, Fall and Winter adventure seasons.  Each season we, for the most part use different characters.  Some we create for that specific seasons adventure.  Some incorporate characters we had created prior and now are continuing on their adventuring ways.  If necessary i will go deeper into it in another post.  But, the reason I mention it is because, as most of you will have noticed, there is a big gap where you’d think a Summer season would be.

Very astute reader!  Give yourself 10xp for that.

For a long time, we did not have a Summer Season.  This was because it is the time of year when most of us have vacations planned and are busy with family stuff and/or just need a break from gaming (which is another way of saying our wives wanted us to stop playing for a while)

Well, this was fine and dandy, but most of us wanted to do something D&D related during the summer.  That’s when our DM, you can call him DMDerek, decided to hold a 1 day tournament or gaming session during the summer.  The scope and reason for these tournaments and games would change from year to year, but it gave us an excuse to get together.  One of these tournaments was a “Wizard Tournamnent”.  This was the impetus for the creation of Marcus Stormlight, my character for the upcoming season, dubbed “The Rescue”.

Marcus is a Sorcerer with a Deity bloodline.  This means that for every spell level, Marcus can learn one clerical spell of that level.  Something I should mention at this point,  All of these characters exist in the realm of Habololy.  DMDerek, along with others, has created this realm over the course of the past 20 years.  It has a robust history and several intertwining story arcs.

Anyway, as I said, Marcus is a Sorcerer with a Deity bloodline.  He also has the Studious Sorcerer Prestige class (a custom Prestige class to Habololy) which allows him to learn more spells as he progresses in levels.  Most of his feats center around item creation and metamagic that make the spells he does know more deadly or potent.  He also has a few anti-feats that make for some interesting role playing.  He also has a familiar, a Steam Mephit called Haze.  When I built him for the tournament, I knew I had to think outside the box.  We were given a finite amount of gold to use to purchase or make items.  And max level our characters could be was 12th.  I opted to make Marcus 11th level and use the Xp that would have made him a 12th level character to make items.

And boy did I…

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