The Rescue: The Interim

It is just going to be a short post this week.  One week to go until the adventure starts.  Here is a bit of what happened during Marcus’ downtime.

Between the Maddness that was the Wizard tournament and the beginning of the rescue, Marcus made his way back to Iott and returned to working at his family store there.  While he stewed over the events of the tournament, Marcus replenished his stock of wands and created another useful item for himself and Haze. He also learned that the Tower of Chronomancy, at the magic school where he studied, has been destroyed.  And, Chronomancy magic is failing.  He learns that the cause of the tower destruction seems to be the work of one powerful individual.  Marcus puts finding the person responsible and dealing with them on his ‘To Do’ list.

About a year after Marcus returned to his family shop, another one of the tournament competitors, Tchau, stops by.  Marcus and Thcau strike up a friendship of sorts.  Not long after, Marcus receives a Sending from Lyla, offering him work.  his immediate response is to reply to the Sending spell with the equivalent of ‘crickets chirping for 24 words and then the word ‘maybe’.  It is only after the details of the job are made known to him that Marcus even considers accepting.  It is only when Tchau tells Marcus that he is going, the Marcus decides to go as well.

Lyla arrives to teleport Tchau and Marcus to their destination.  This rankles Marcus more than anything.  While in her presence, Marcus does not speak to Lyla unless he absolutely has to.  He never uses her name or title.  He only refers to her as ‘Usurper’.



Until then….Roll for Initiative….

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