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The Royal Court
« on: September 11, 2021, 11:29:42 PM »
The Royal Court

              The Lord Protector of the Kingdom: Lady Amana Rosetree

              The High King’s Castellan (and Minister of State): Lord Eason Darpus

              The High Mage: Thale Blazingem

              The High Constable: Brentan Firepeak

              The Champion of the Kingdom: Lord Ukko Eylis’Tiel (acting)

              Minister of Security: Lord Strydus Archir

              Minister of Health: Lord Hugh Colrain

              Steward of Habololy (High Cleric of Stasis): Michael Steelsmyth

              Grandmaster of the Knights of the White Sword: Alara Gemblade

             Governor of the Protectorate: Lady Captain Metura Alayi

             Ministers without Portfolio: King Oliver Westrom; Queen Irene DeGala-Gemblade;   
             Lord Edward Summerlight; Lady Julia Parkstone; Lord Jaxson Summers; Nisoru Metakae;
             Martine Vanyar; Parker Berko; Russel Hargrove