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DMG Magic Items
« on: August 04, 2018, 01:54:47 PM »
Looking at items, I have noticed a few more that fall into this category, so I wanted to post about it.  As stated with the book, there are places where the cost of the items listed in rulebooks breaks down.  This is because there is simply no way a item creator is going to spend as much XP as required regardless of the price.  In the case of the book, 25K XP.

I'm not going to create a precise formula for cost or these items (such as multiply by 5 if the items says cost is between 5K and 10K).  It will more be market and negotiation driven.

This will apply to any items that does not follow the normal item creation rules for XP cost, but rather has listed a GC +XP cost of creation.

Some of these items (but probably not all):

Tome of Clear Thought
Tome of Leadership and Influence
Tome of Understanding
Manual of Bodily Health
Manual of Gainful Exercise
Manual of Quickness of Action
Golem Manual
Ring of Three Wishes
Rod of Rulership

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Re: DMG Magic Items
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2018, 02:32:29 PM »
Since we’re on the subject of DMG magic items that don’t make sense, there are a bunch of elixirs, dusts and oils in the DMG that are listed under “wondrous items,” so technically they can’t be made by someone with the “brew potion” feat. That’s stupid. I propose we consider those to be potions for crafting prerequisites.