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Forgot these
« on: August 26, 2013, 01:14:43 PM »
Here are some feats we created for the Hertoplowis campaign that may have proved useful, and may still:

A Map in My Head (General)
Your knowledge of the city is so complete that you always know the best way to go and never get lost in it.
   Prerequisites: Knowledge (local) 8 ranks.
   Benefit: When in the city for which you have lots of knowledge, you are assuming always to know the best route between places.  You can never get lost, including via magical causes, you gain a +3 bonus on Survival skill checks, and you gain a +3 bonus on any Track checks.
   Special: This feat may be taken multiple times.  Every time it is taken, a different city must be selected.

Lay Low (General)
You have an exceptional ability to avoid detection using the activity of the city that surrounds you.
   Prerequisites: Knowledge (Local) 5 ranks
   Benefit: Select one city in which you have 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (Local). While in this city, you gain a +4 bonus to Hide skill checks made to blend into a crowd.  Also, the DC of track checks made to follow you and gather information checks to obtain knowledge about you are considered to be 4 higher.
   Special: This feat may be taken multiple times.  Every time it is taken, a different city must be selected.

Off the Grid (General)
You have an almost supernatural ability to fade into an urban environment.
   Prerequisites: Lay Low, Knowledge (Local) 8 ranks
   Benefit: While in any city to which the "Lay Low" feat applies, the bonus gained from the Lay Low feat increase to +8.
   Additionally, anyone attempting to scrye you while you are in any city to which the Lay Low feat applies, must make a caster level check with a DC equal to a Knowledge (Local) check made by you. Failure means the caster cannot scrye you for the next 24 hours.  If successful, the caster may scrye you normally.

Street Smart (General)
You know how to handle yourself in the urban jungle.
   Prerequisites: Knowledge (Local) 4 ranks
   Benefit: You may add your Wisdom modifier (in addition to the usual ability modifier) to Knowledge (Local), Gather Information, and Intimidate checks made in an urban environment. When making a Sense Motive check in this type of setting, you may add twice your Wisdom modifier.

Urban Lifestyle (Anti)
You are unnerved by being away from the endless stone buildings of Hertoplowis.
   Prerequisites: Lived in Hertoplowis for the majority of your life.
   Penalty: Whenever you are not in a city, you suffer a -4 penalty to Survival skill checks, a -1 penalty to all fear based saving throws, and a -2 penalty to all Diplomacy skill checks.
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Re: Forgot these
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2013, 11:01:38 PM »
Those are some really well-written and creative feats. Bravo to the author.