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I do think there should be higher level requirements for the Saint and its counter part.  However, to make it an epic level prestige class I think it is a little much.  In DM Derek's campaign it took me 15-20 real years (DM could tell me exactly how long) just to get Solaris to epic which means I would have one level in that prestige class and never really get to play it.  Not that I am interested in playing a saint right now but at that rate I would be almost 60 before I could start to play a Saint or its counter part.  Solaris is also the only character I got to epic level (which I think is 21) and technically it didn't happen until when Solaris adventured in Whitesword's online campaign.  So that means that if I didn't run Solaris in Whiteswords campaign this past year then I would have gone 20 years of playing in DM campaign without an epic level character.  I don't really mind this but it would caution me from making any prestige class that we want to actually play have epic level requirements.

I think we should start the entry to these prestige classes somewhere in the low teens so that you get the last level of the class when you hit epic or so.  I would put knowledge religion as a skill and use that as the gate way for the class. So knowledge religion 15 would allow you to start the class at level 12 or something along those lines.  Maybe we call the prestige class something else and you don't get the title of saint until you hit the last of the prestige.  So the last level of this class would be called sainthood or something and you get the finally ability and the title.


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